YEAST INFECTION "Just Aint Right" Cd


(Independent Sickness )
Release date:

Great stuff; heavy, aggressive, mean-spirited, with a sound and style quite close to stuff like Dismembered Fetus & Captain3Leg, but well duh it's got at least one ex-Dismembered Fetus member (that I know of). Yeast Infection is a lot less wild & grind-noise oriented than Dismembered Fetus and it's got more of a dirty, raw and doomy vibe à la Autopsy/Abscess. Drums are still pounding and strike very hard, vocals are abrasive and filled with hatred (shrieks + grunt-roars - occasionally underlined by low pitched-shifted gurgling), the bass is distorted as hell and guitar riffs are basic and stright to the point thrashing. It's really and really effective stuff; from a rythmic point of a view, it's moderately fast, but all so very catchy and intense. I'm not sure how to label it, maybe hatecore or something; anyway, it's loud, violent, relentless and really really hateful.

Tracks: 1)Bringer of lies 2)Shithitter 3)Coming home 4)Ooka Mooka (Revisited) 5)Apostate 6)Suffer in Silence 7)On + On 8)Just Aint Right 9)Social cleansing 10)Numb



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