XXX MANIAK "Harvesting the Cunt Nectar" Cd


(Red Candle Records)
Release date:
Running time: 19:51

Review: Very slick-sounding, pulverizing drum-machine grind-death... Guitar riffs are way downtuned but with a definite chugging death metal vibe quite similar to Mortician. However, songs here are a lot briefer and much more expeditious/grind-oriented, Fuck... I'm Dead, Agoraphobic Nosebleed or Maniac Killer often comes to mind... There's a definite emphasis on blistering speed, complete with sonic blast beats and blazing fast riffs, all very solidly delivered... Regarding vocals, that's a pretty wide variety of vocal types, from low death growls to high shrieks and backing effected vocals... It also features stints by a lot of different guest vocalists... Sound production is top notch, thoroughly heavy and clear... Oh and the music is also meshed with some stimulating intro samples, totally in line with XXX Maniak's sick and twisted porno gore concept... Subject matter is definitely nasty and depraved. The silly humor and slickness of the whole thing maybe takes away some of the shock value... this stuff is presented in such a glossy way that it just seems so much more acceptable that way; Also, some of the intros seem to have been created especially for this cd, which I think increases the jokey vibe even more... Still this is material almost on the level of the Meatshits on the sleaze-o-meter, rest assured, it's really vile... In short, some very effective and catchy crap for sure... Cover art is as glossy and deranged as the musical content...

Tracks: 1)Lost Inside Yourself 2)Death Porn 3)Sprayed By Cans Of Shit 4)Gorebortion 5)Tuan Tran: Murderer/Rapist? 6)Uncompromising Sexual Harassment At Work, Home, And In Public 7)Harvesting The Cunt Nectar 8)Skeleton Toucher 9)Desperately Craving Anal Attention 10)Fist-Fuck Death Grip 11)Buying A DVD Player (Then Raping You With My Old VHS Tapes) 12)Albukkake, NM 13)A Knife Called Pussylicker 14)Prowler In The Shower 15)The City And The World 16)Catholic Slut 17)2nd Ranked Phallic Offense VS. 26th Ranked Vaginal Defense 18)Eat Your Entrails And My Kult Ejaculant 19)The Moment You Start To Enjoy It, It’ll Get Worse 20)Priest In The Preschool 21)Semen For The Basement Slaves 22)Slut Killer 23)Baptized In Semen And Steel 24)Sunrise Is A Lie 25)Failing To Contain The Gore Fountain 26)Fucked By Lightning 27)If I Dismember Your Cunt, Are You Still A Virgin? 28)Only Those Who Eat The Feces Will Be Spared 29)Tangible Expression Of Hate 30)Diagnosis - Zombie Slut Rape


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