VAGINAL CARNAGE "Dildo Detention" Mcd


(No Escape Records)
Release date:

Here we have a mixture of slick brutal death metal and stomach-turning grind/gore; Think of something kinda like Morbid Savouring with a touch of Mucupurulent (from "Sicko Babe"). They've got a really clear sound, neatly composed tracks, sharp musicianship, splattery gurgling & growling vocals, raspy throaty backing vocals, tranchant and thrashing guitar riffs, a nice sense of speed and aggression... Overall, songs have a pretty metallic structure but they keep things catchy, intense & fast... It has an effective impact and a really sleazy vibe. You've also got a bunch of nicely picked up intros, either perverse or humourous, sometimes both and songs written about filth, piss and shit mostly. Overall, this is a really engaging release, that delivers on almost every aspects and remains a lot of fun after many repeated listenings. I say people should definitely check this one out...

Tracks: 1)Gang bang business man 2)Baby crusher 3)Chaps with flaps 4)On the brasko 5)Brutal sensation 6)My nuts are nuggets 7)Is this ya slut 8)Dildo detention 9)Slab of sluts 10)Mad mullet cunts 11)Shit in my mouth

Label Contact: No Escape Records



VILE "Stench of the Deceased"  


Release date: 1999
Running time: 29:13

Review: This is an onrushing of sick brutality. Vile respect all the traditions of US brutal death metal with obvious influences of Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Morbid Angel and maybe with a touch of Sinister too. Personally, I always enjoy this a lot ! Especially because Vile is worthy of these bands... their musical technic is faultless and their compositions are truly dense and blasting. Riching in sharp, relentless guitar riffs; between unfailing rough thrashings and sick profound melodies. Including some eerie high pitched notes and marvelous guitar solis. Growling roars lead the songs helped by backing mid-high-pitched blood spewing screams. The song structures are coherent, quite foreseeable, but only based on factors of stirring rotten bestiality. The drummer also made a good work with his rolls, blasts or midtempo beats, always tight, intense, relentless, straightforward and fast. The sound production is so fine and clear, that you forget about it, to really enjoy the music. I think the fact that this band is not faking is unquestionnable, they have the inner feeling of what true death metal is. 8 songs in 29 minutes, this is truly intense, and better than last Cannibal Corpse albums! The cover is printed full colours with complete lyrics (gore, violence, pain, fantasy...), the artwork is really brilliant and the layout really well made.Cool stuff.

Tracks: 1)Abort (the fetus) 2)Cradle of deceit 3)Surgery 4)Alive to suffer 5)Stench... 6)Terminal existance 7)Severed 8)Persecution


VIRULENCE "Dormant Strains"   


Release date: 2000
Running time: 15:15

Review: Great and kinda original brutal death metal from US, with a member from Incarrion (also a great band). Their style is basicly decent brutal death, with a lot of other stuffs mixed into the twisted song structures. The usual anvil heavy guitar riffs, brutal growls and blasting drums meet some jazzy arrangements, groovy plans or grindcore parts. Still very coherent as a whole, and majorly sounding like, average death metal. A quite good sound and good technicity. They remind Cephalic Carnage very very big time, but in their own way. It's in the originality that these two bands are similar. And I think it's a good comparison. This band proves wrong to those who think US brutal death bands all sound the same. The lyrics and concept are the kind of futuristic, cyber topic, in the vein of Ingrowing "Cyberspace" cd, and it's actually kinda fun. Check it out.

Tracks: 1)Meme Epidemics 2)Evolutionary masquerade 3)Cortical reproductive abstractions 4)Branne Cvicene: Defensive Drilling


VOMIT REMNANTS "Supreme Entity"  


(Macabre Mementos Records)
Release date: 1999
Running time: 28:08

Review: Vomit Remnants... It's a gory brutal death metal band from Japan. They already released two demo tapes (I don't know them yet...) and here is their debut full-length album. Honestly, this is a success! First, the sound production is perfect, really clear. Although, their style is not clean, aseptic, crappy death metal. Their death is brutal, raw, filthy and gut-wrenching, put up with stomach-turning vocals: deep growling gurgles, and squeaky shrieks. Song structures are complex, with numbrous rythmic changes per song, and a quite technical guitar work. But the result still remains agressive and really brutal, because everything is articulated on the fast blastbeat drumming (by the way handled with brio!). This band is really talented and it shows... The first song, in particular, is a masterpiece! It's packaged in morbid, rotten artwork. You can feel it's a true effort, a promising group! Fans of bands like Dying Fetus(their main influence), Deeds Of Flesh & Suffocation should really dig this album! It also contains a Soils Of Fate "Faces of the deceased" cover version! Finally the only bad points are the few interludes which do not fit with the rest, and the very short running time (28 minutes). Besides these little points, "Supreme Entity" is marvellous! Get it and play play it loud! it's really effective, catchy all the ways!

Tracks: 1)Putrefying dead flesh 2)My blessed sickness 3)Decomposed of structure 4)Rotted human waste 5)Macabre mementos 6)Engorgement 7)Faces of the deceased 8)Murderous thoughts determined


VOMITORY "Redemption"  


(Fadeless Records)
Release date: 1999
Running time: 33:09

Review: Vomitory hails from Sweden, and plays good old school death metal. In the past, I only had the chance to hear their song featuring on first Repulsive Assault compilation cd from 1995; but they also released two demos in 1992 & 1994, a 7"ep & a mcd titled "Raped in their own blood" in 1996 through Fadeless Records. So now, they come back through the same label; and finally with a full-length work. Originality is not really the point here, but "narrow-minded" death metal freaks should be more than satisified. "Redemption" is a gathering of uncompromising, coherent, monolithic compositions, and a boiling surge of fluid technical and melodic guitar riffs, a skilful drumming, a chest-pounding bass sound, and brutal, raw vocals (not deep & low enough according to me, but still in a extreme & growling way). Blast-beats occupy a good space, but rythms are always varying, songs are not always based on fastness. Although, everything always remains in a catchy and brutal spirit. Without compromise. Seriously brutal. Lyrically this isn't really my cup of tea. But artwork looks very good I think. If I had to compare this to other bands, it will be with Massacre, on their cult "From Beyond" album. And those who are into best current death metal bands like Vader, Sepsism, Krabathor... should probably dig Vomitory... At least, I suppose!

Tracks: 1)The Voyage 2)Forty Seconds Bloodbath 3)Forever In Gloom 4)Heaps Of Blood 5)Embraced By Pain 6)Redemption 7)Ashes Of Mourning Life 8)Partly Dead


VORACIOUS GANGRENE "Hooked to Death "  


Release date: 1999
Running time: 16:43

Review: Voracious Gangrene is into unrelenting, rageful death metal, played at oppressive speeds. With guitars thrashing hard and ripping from all sides, very very fast and expeditious grating riffings, performed with knowledge of the instruments, including special technical little touches like tortuous melodies and morbidly high pitched notes. The drums also brilliantly strengthen the songs with tight speedy blasts, fast beatings and nearly no moderate parts! Vocals are growled and roared for the main part, and the vocalist diversify his voice enough to stay very interesting all across the 5 featured song. Backing manic screams are also used, and work very well too. I think the sound slighty lacks of heaviness, but you forget about all this when you fully penetrate in the fluid, catchy compositions. All in all, this is quite traditional brutal death metal... but Voracious Gangrene are not boring at all! They keep it violent all the ways. A delectable brutal intensity. They say being influenced by Cryptopsy, Deranged and Dying Fetus, but I would say they are closer to Cannibal Corpse. My favourite song is "Kill to possess", where fascinating blastings are combined with twisted bass chords... It's intense, fucking great, and it comes from France. Sick gory artwork and cruel song titles (but nothing really excetional about that). Brutal Death Metal freaks watch out! Only 16 minutes? I want more! To get it send 50 FF or $8 (postpaid) to the contact below.

Tracks: 1)Hacked and scattered 2)Random gun carnage 3)Reconciled by death 4)Kill to possess 5)Murder with no valid reason


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