ULTRA VOMIT "M. Patate" Cd


(Obliteration Records - ORCD 051)
Release date: 2004
Running time:

Ultra Vomit is french and also hysterically funny... Musically, this is devastating brutal death metal with a slight grind edge, a monstrous heavy sound production and an ever-present, twisted but cute sense of humor. This stuff is super-tightly played, with juicy guitar riffs, ripping and groovy, some extremely catchy, precise and driving drum work and bestial growling/shrieking vocals... Though the real plus of this band is that they won't take themselves seriously for a split second; the band plays with their tongue firmly planted in cheek from beginning to end here and the album contains some of the wackiest vocal arrangements in a grind or death metal record, ever. A kind of depraved, absurdist spirit that's pretty close to bands like Gronibard, Mental Degeneration Unit or Excrementory Grindfuckers but obviously with its own special, stupid flavor. Assuredly a great laugh and an extremely refreshing listen... Yeah it's kind of silly but at the same time it's still solidly ripping metal. Musically, I'd say they're a lot closer to Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition or even Inhumate really... A great care is given to sound production, this stuff sounds fantastic, simply crushing... The band goes an extra mile and includes tons of video footage as bonus avi files with an in-depth look into the studio recording-process: the band has a really cool sense of humor and this stuff is actually a lot of fun to watch, not boring in the least! I was laughing my ass off for the entire duration of this neat little making-of... There's also a couple of live video tracks... A really well-crafted, packed cd then... You know some bands are just cooler and this is definitely one of them! Ultra Vomit kicks ass! They rule my world!

Tracks: 1)Reborn From Death (1:00) 2)Abruted (0:37) 3)Une Souris Verte (1:06) 4)Bouba (0:07) 5)Arf! (1:27) 6)Forclosure Beyond Ignifusion (1:08) 7)Brutally Brutalized (1:07) 8)6J (1:53) 9)Disgorging The Prepuce (0:43) 10)Phoned To Death (0:48) 11)Monster Mosh (0:50) 12)Captain Igloo (1:39) 13)Ghost Track (0:49) 14)Milhouse By The Cemetary (0:41) 15)Musashimaru (1:31) 16)Poil Pubien (1:05) 17)One Chiotte (0:12) 18)People = Frite (0:45) 19)Judas Prost (1:11) 20)I Like To Vomit (1:24) 21)From The Dark Depths Of Long Eternity In My Old Ages Of Emptiness I Shall Remain In Chos On My Bloody... (3:54) 22)Hidden Track (2:13) 23)Japanese Bonus 1 (0:28) 24)Japanese Bonus 2 (0:38) 25)Japanese Bonus 3 (0:43) 26)Japanese Bonus 4 (0:38) 27)Japanese Bonus 5 (0:28) 28)Japanese Bonus 6 (1:55)



UNDINISM "Born with an Erection" Cd


(Prolapse Records - Pro-005)
Release date:
Running time: 58:15

Undinism is without doubt one of the finest and fiercest grindcore bands ever to hail from Australia. They're vile and relentlessly violent. More characteristics are insane, hysterical vocals shrieked and screamed at the top of the lungs, killer grinding riffs (with a thrashing edge at times), crushing, heavy bass and one hell of a tight drumming: blistering speed and blasting fury all the way... The intensity here is quite reminiscent of early Napalm Death, slightly more chaotic and occasionally noisecore-oriented perhaps. This cd is an outstanding collection of Split 7" ep's, unreleased stuff and demos... The first 21 tracks come with a really sweet heavy sound production, the rest is cruder and rawer but the band is always tight as fuck. There's the live stuff from the split tape w/ Squash Bowels and this stuff is really amazing, vocals are so fucking harsh and insane it has to be heard to be believed... You can take a look at the outrageous song titles, and notice how the band is infamous for a reason. This cd is 70 tracks and nearly one hour of pure, maddening, hateful grindcore... A must-hear really!

Tracks: 1)Bleeding cock stump 2)Cum soaked foetus 3)Molest a retard 4)Shit porno whore 5)Vomitose 6)Teenage girls addicted to penis 7)Ruptured slut 8)Arsechait toupe 9)Pimping paraplegic prostitution 10)My tongue is your tampon 11)Bones of chalk 12)Nympho gimp 13)Liquid blisters 14)Born of the bomb 15)David Korech cult song 16)Down syndrome rape 17)Severed cock med 18)Kill gays 19)M.S. Rape-a-thon 20)Deceased pig felcher 21)Terry 22)Severed cock med 23)Kill gays 24)Liquid blister 25)Bleeding cock stump 26)Pseudo youth (Napalm Death) 27)Arsechair toupe 28)M.S. Rape-a-thon 29)Intro by Cosmie Commandent 30)Pleasure from piss 31)molest a retard 32)Nympho gimp 33)Deceased pig felcher 34)Bleeding cock stump 35)Bones of chalk 36)Pimping paraplegic prostitues 37)Ruptured slut 38)Terry 39)Cumsoaked foetus 40)Used your sisters pubes as dental floss 41)kill gays 42)born of the bomb 43)Pseudo youth 44)My tongue is your tampon 45)Liquid blisters 46)Arsechair toupe' 47)Teenage girls addicted to penis 48)david Jorech cult song 49)M.S. Rape-a-thon 50)Shit porno whore 51)Vomitose 52)Fart filled ashthma pump 53)Severed cock med 54)Down syndrome rape 55)Nympho gimp 56)Ruptured slut 57)Down syndrome rape 58)Bleeding cock stump 59)Vomitose 60)Fall to our knees 61)David Koreechh cult song 62)Deceased pig felcher 63)Sebile dementia 64)rapist die 65)Glam rock 66)Educated seum 67)Just sit 68)T.V. Stars 69)Born of the bomb 70)Freaks of nature






(Throne Records - Chapter 09)
Release date:
Running time:

Unsane Crisis Review:
Unsane Crisis comes from Spain and plays grindcore of the highest caliber; these guys know what they're doing... Steady and fast, blasting, thrashing, groovy when it's appropriate and breakdowny at regular intervals too. This is just awesome grind performed with stamina and assurance. Song-writing is pretty memorable too, with enough diversity to keep things interesting... Vocal-wise, there's a definite emphasis on scathing screamy parts but low guttural counterpoint growlings are never forgotten and make for some furious dual vocal assaults.
Hashassin Review: Here we trade a spanish band for another on the second side of the split release... Somewhat wilder, more crazed than Unsane Crisis, pretty similar although perhaps slightly rougher around the edges... Don't get me wrong, sound production here is still nice and warm enough... But musically this is a veritable maelstrom of hysterical grinding madness; obsessive guitar riffs, harsh and crushing rhythms, strident shrieking and thick growls, loads of disorienting samples... Hashassin makes a clear attempt at raping your senses with their material here and well, they actually do a pretty swell job at it! As for comparisons, I'll just say Hashassin is almost like the spanish response to Total Fucking Destruction... 2 awesome bands plus very slick packaging art and layout... All in all, this release has a lot going for it and therefore I recommend it.

Unsane Crisis: 1)Circle Of Hypocrites (1:02) 2)100 Innocent Victims (0:31) 3)Unreason (0:25) 4)Wrong Tradition (0:32) 5)Deem The Truth (0:49) 6)Hopeless Material Corruption (0:31) 7)Warrant Angels (1:11) 8)Definitive Failure (0:44) 9)Anti-Emo (0:43) 10)Nobody (0:09) 11)Inconsistent To Your Chaos I (0:31) 12)Inconsistent To Your Chaos II (0:04) 13)Global Drug-Addiction (1:03) 14)Gritar (0:17) 15)Ask Yourself Who You´re Crying For (1:06) 16)Suicide God (2:12)
Hashassin: 17)Murder Mongo Junk (1:08) 18)Street Fighter Asi Se Cambia El Mundo (0:36) 19)Angel-Christ I (1:05) 20)Angel Christ II (1:29) 21)Carnicero/a - Charcutero/A (0:49) 22)Queremos Darnuestra Mas Sincera Enhorabuena A La Cadena De TV Antena 3 Por Emitir Series Como "Policias" Y "Manos A L (1:29) 23)Satan Is Fitness (1:16) 24)Prefiero 1 Cargadito Que 2 (0:44) 25)Master Personal Trainer (It´s Time To Savage) (0:33) 26)Lokin Eirousimina (LA Estatua De La Heroína) (0:59) 27)Si Tienes Algun Problema, Habal Con Tus Padres O Con Algun Crisitano Maduro De La Congracion (0:50) 28)Feel The El Perro (0:57) 29)Sin Duda Haces Tu Vida Peor (Elapajaocandil) (1:52)

Band E-mail/Website: unsane_crisis@hotmail.com - www.unsanecrisis.cjb.net



URINE FESTIVAL "Of a Ermaphroditic Enema & an Urophilic Pissparty Pleasure" Cd


(Klysma Records - Klysm003)
Release date: 2006
Running time: 65:29

So this is the drum machine two-piece band of ex-Last Days of Humanity member Marc Palmen... Much like Tumour this is raw and noisy, amorphous goregrind, another clear offshot of LDoH, maybe these bands are defining a sort of dutch goregrind sound... Non-stop pounding and blasting drum programs, some of the most sickening, splattery, water-like vocal effects to ever grace this earth, an undistinguishable low distorted bass sound (no guitars used), outrageous weirdo/pathological song titles: This is the basic formula here and it's repeated throughout the 66 short tracks that constitute this cd, everything occasionally sprinkled with water sport porn samples and stuff. Ok, the vocals can get ridiculously close to simply sounding like a flushing toilet, but songs always keep a pretty tight grinding direction, just imagine what Mortician would sound like without guitars and this could be pretty close... Sound production is pretty clear and heavy, again very much in LDoH's style, but obviously this is purely sludgy and blasting obscene, non-melodic gore/noise, take it or leave it! Cd layout looks pretty slick as well as extremely sick...

Tracks: 66 Tracks (no way I'm writing all this down)

Links: www.myspace.com/klysmarecords


UTOPIE "Instinct for Existence"  


(Bizarre Leprous Production/Disgorgement Of Squash Bodies Records)
Release date: 1999

Review: Utopie takes the german Porno gore-grind tradition one step further with one of this year's best albums. The songs are breath-taking avalanches of savage grinding gorecore, catchy from the start to the end. Mostly ultra-fast and devastating... The drums have a lovely tight impact sound, guitar riffs are so powerful and heavy in a perfect grind stance. A great job on vocals which are quite sickly diversified, from splattery harmonized ones to barbaric growls, and blood spewing screamings. A success to play long songs (3, 4 or even 5 minutes!) that always stay extreme and attractive on the length. You can also find a few short (few seconds) delirium songs like "Short erection" etc... Song titles connect to pornography and gore. But the artwork is not porno. The other good thing is that they only use an introduction in the beginning, and the rest is 100% musical. I would compare Utopie to Cock And Ball Torture, Sanity's Dawn, Mucupurulent & Purulent Spermcanal; they're at least equal to them, if not better...

Tracks: 1)My blood through your veins - My words through your mouth 2)Spat out to live 3)He put his erected phallus in her anal canal and said: "Hey mom this time I trust you - I don't want your shit on my cock" 4)Manipulated and dismembered like a piece of shit 5)Short erection 9 6)Kill - fuck - mutilate 7)Phalluskult usus 8)Suffocate and perish in separation of humanity 9)Stop viagra - smoke pot 10)Long erection 11)Short erection 10 12)The way to be an autocannibal 13)Psychopathologic menstruationorgasm 14)Short erection 11 15)Our life - our reality 16)You are what I eat


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