TUMOUR "Too Large for Digestive Capacity" Cd


(Urethra Records - URR-007)
Release date: 2006
Running time: 76:22

Here's a full length cd of this pretty prolific dutch drum machine goregrind act. At least 2 other Tumour cd's came out pretty recently, but I understand this one is more of a compilation of material from 2001 to 2005... The cd is filled almost 80 minutes of sick goregrind noise... The line-up is mainly Rogier (also from Intumescence & LDoH) but various other members seem to participate in certain sessions. The overall feel of Tumour is simply really close to Last Days of Humanity except with a drum machine, minimalistic goregrind, with rather amorphous and sludgy dissonant grinding guitar riffing drowned in distortion, constantly blasting and grinding programmed drumming, absolutely vile, retching and spewing vocals with the some of the most stomach-turning watery effects ever... My favorite material off this whole cd are tracks 30-35 mainly because of the real drumming, which makes Tumour sound so much better (like... a real band)! Wow, these tracks even have some weird guitar solo-ing, haha! Honestly Tumour would sound so much better with real drumming all the time, I don't find the drum programming all that exciting but I guess in the end it would make it sound just like Intumescence, so there wouldn't be a point to it... Anyway 80 minutes is a lot of material, not all of this stuff is great, a lot of this stuff is clearly sloppy goregrind fun that itself too seriously (like for example one of the sessions that goes into a bizarre techno direction) BUT some of these tracks are in my opinion actually genuine grind gems in the rough! Sound is obviously quite raw but clear enough and really blasting most of the time except for the few live recordings that come off purely as harsh and horrible noisecore... The cd is also filled with tons of rather random intro samples from movies like "Dracula", "Cannibal Holocaust", "The Beyond" and more... Anyhow, Noisecore/Goregrind freaks should definitely get a kick out of this!

Tracks: 59 Tracks

Links: www.urethrarecords.cjb.net





(Last House on the Right - HAUS 021)
Release date: 2005
Running time:

Split sewage goregrind carnage! Faeces Eruption is a dutch one-man act, and offers as many as 26 untitled tracks of highly energetic gurgling goregrind here... Filled to the brim with blastbeats, guitars and bass drowned in fuzz and distortion, inhuman gurgling growls... And even with mostly unrecognizable riffs, this stuff still manages to remain driving and catchy and all times, never falling into the noise category... The drums are pretty well programmed and diverse and a few short serial killer/gory intros to spice things a little... Just an awesome goregrind act doing a great job at walking in the steps of Last Days of Humanity!
Tumour from Netherland: perfect companion piece to Faeces Eruption! Another one-man act, with slightly muddier sound, drum machine blasts in your face, downtuned, thick, heavy and distorted guitars, watery, gurgling spewing vocals, just a whole lot of really fun and raw, splattery grind! Tons of intros too, I noticed one of them was actually used on Faces Eurption side as well!!! Two totally underground one-man goregrind bands released on one pro-done cd... Goregrind connaisseurs should dig this!

Tracks: Lots of them!
1 to 26: Faeces Eruption "No, Just Braindead"
27 to 62: Tumour "Another Head Taken"

c/o Bill Yurkiewicz
Post Office Box Thirteen,
Washington Boro, PENNSYLVANIA
17582 United States of America



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