TERRORIZER "World downfall" Cd


(Earache Records)
Release date: 1989

Back to 1989... Terrorizer is a band formed by Morbid Angel's bassist and drummer, future Napalm Death guitarist and the Nausea vocalist; They went to Tampa's Morrisound recording studios with Scott Burns on the mix; Playing some exceptional fast crusty grind death; This album is of course a masterpiece; these musicians are real gods. Drums are mastered with insensate dexterity and pure violence, bass work is extravaguant, guitars are as trenchant as razors and vocals just kick asses! Cynical socially aware lyrics make the music even better and interesting; Musically influenced by Repulsion I think... for the biggest part! Obviously a cult and must-have classic: get it or die!
Tracks: 1)After World Obliteration 2)Storm Of Stress 3)Fear Of Napalm 4)Corporation Pull-in 5)Strategic Warheads 6)Condemned System 7)Resurrection 8)Enslaved By Propaganda 9)Need To Live 10)Ripped To Shreds 11)Injustice 12)Whirlwind Struggle 13)Infestation 14)Dead Shall Rise 15)World Downfall


THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS "Forensic Fugues and Medicolegal Medleys" Cd


(Razorback Records - RR14)
Release date:

For an album that's supposed to be a replica of Carcass' "Symphonies of Sickness", I found this to be incredibly refreshing and the band is definitely one of most skilful grind/death bands I've heard in a while. Along the years, many bands have tried to recapture Carcass' spirit. General Surgery, Pathologist, Necrony... but none managed to sound as close to the true Carcass essence like The County Medical Examiners managed to here (though they probably didn't try to as hard as them).
I'll admit originality is not the first thing I look for in a band, so I don't have any problem with the premise of TCME. Now, the band could have turned out sounding totally unnatural trying to imitate Carcass; but they're actually dead-on; these 2 guys and a gal have some great chemistry between them, they're tight and they seem to know exactly what they're doing.
The Carcass period re-captured here is clearly "Symphonies of Sickness". Back then, Jeff Walker's vocals weren't as leading as in the later days, they were more like back-throat spattery gurgles, and Bill Steer's low-pitched roars were a lot more prominent, as well as the effective pitch-shifted gory growls backing them up. So, yes, early Carcass' vocals are faithfully reproduced here, in all their squeaky and grunty glory, and actually closer to something like Catasexual Urge Motivation than say, Exhumed.
Regarding the lyrics, I think
sadism and dark humour are a little less pronounced than they were in Carcass, the lyrics seem a little more technical and literal... I didn't notice any song about grave-robbing for one thing. All I can say is that the song titles and the lyrics are very pretty; full of neat medicolegal terms no one ever heard, and this stuff even seems to be pathologically accurate, something I doubt most "pathological" grind bands' lyrics are these days.
Anyway, this album is very easy on the ears; compositions can be restrained and complex, and then burst into savage grind. There's also an overall raw feel, as well as a very unique repugnant vibe. This stuff feels clear, limpid, it's fast-paced, complex, catchy and many more things... And I'm pretty certain it'll stay on my cd player for a quite long while.
Very sorry for the review being mostly a comparison between Carcass & The County Medical Examiners... But hey, the band took this clone thing pretty far... Some of their songs definitely sound like a new take on specific Carcass titles... A good example of this is the song "Algor Mortis", which is all so similar to a Carcass tune called "Ruptured in Purulence"... Also the cover collage seemed to be assembled in an almost identical way the Symphonies of Sickness cover art was... Here's a band that gives the word obsession a whole new meaning... I love it!

Tracks: 1)Autopsy suite - "Morbid efficient morgue design" 2)Medicocriminal entomology - "Necrophagous chitinous critters and the scientists who study them" 3)Vitreous humor - "From the eyeball to the forensic toxicologist, this oily fluid has secrets to reveal..." 4)Epicedium for epidermal slippage - "Slouching skin, draping, dermatological mess..." 5)NH2(CH2)4NH2 & C5H14N2 - (Putrescine & cadaverine) - "Tepid twin chemical cohorts of putridity..." 6)Organ harvest (The anatomical gift act) - "Gruesome benefactors and their glistening final bequeatments..." The PMI Trilogy: 7)Rigor mortis: posthumous muscular rigidity - "Stiffened corpses in the throes of postmortem rigor..." 8)Algor mortis: the linear rate of cadaveric cooling - "Icy cadavers conquered by death's freezing embrace..." 9)Livor mortis: gravitational blood pooling - "Lividity sodden carcasses, blanched and bruised maroon... 10)Pugilistic burn postures - "Heat induced muscle constriction found in carbonized stiffs..." 11)Y-shaped thoracoabdominal incision - "The introductory necropsy slice..." 12)Y=1285/X (Formula for progression of putrefaction)

Label Contact
RAZORBACK RECORDS www.razorbackrecords.com
c/o Billy Nocera
P.O. BOX 321
Farmingville, NY 11738
Email: WNocera@aol.com

The County Medical Examiners:


ROT "Old Dirty Grindcores" Cd


(2+2=5 Records )
Release date:

Definitely not the most loved grind band on earth, no idea why! Rot always kicked serious ass to me. I remember having listened to "Cruel Face of Life" a lot back in the day, they were on my top grindcore list and they still are! One of the last few bands that keep their grindcore basic and pure, and have never strayed from their usual grindcore formula. Maybe for some punk songs here and there, but just a few. Anyway... Here, on this cd, is an impressive collection of some unreleased stuff and a complete set of old Rot Ep's and stuff released along the years... All studio material. It starts with recent unreleased material that has a sharp and clear sound; these are truly crushing compositions... simple, catchy, fast grindcore that blows everything away. As the cd progresses, the sound quality regresses and the band keeps getting rawer and more primal as we go back in time. The last songs have really crappy sound quality but you can hear the band in their most savage state. The growling vocals are some of the most grotesque and primal I've ever heard, the riffs are strictly grind-oriented like the drums alternating between pounding blasts and crust-core-type midtempos... The Agathocles and early Napalm Death ("Scum" period) influence is ever present in this band, although they definitely have their own sound, recognizable among many others. In my opinion this cd is brilliant, and highly recommended to true grindcore freaks!

Tracks: 1)Dead man raising 2)Evasive ones 3)Your lie is gone... 4)Paradigm lost 5)We don't fit! 6)More of the same 7)...Your day has come 8)Strange feelings 9)Learn some respect 10)Dream after dream 11)Trust in someone 12)Hypnotized 13)Elegance of life 14)Product of human insanity 15)Nowhere to go 16)Indifferent 17)Drugged on contradictions 18)Decreased possibilities 19)Preaching creatures 20)No longer a threat 21)Symptoms of a new age 22)Humanity has begun 23)Lack of ideals 24)Judged by appearance (AG.) 25)Life is not so kind 26)Slave of makority 27)Social gear 28)No fear to sin 29)Putting down the structure 30)Uncertain future 31)Game of hypcrisy 32)For musical destruction 33)It isn't your problem 34)Where's my happiness? 35)Subversive not alternative 36)Hail to Finland 37)Silly values 38)Destroy everything 39)Endless hopes 40)Technologic error 41)face the facts 42)Education 43)Drowned in restrictions 45)No will to change 46)The root of all crimes 47)Fur-coats 48)Rejecting the media 49)Reality based on lies 50)Anna Mulle Piiskaa (Tk) 51)Ignorant pride 52)The hideous poet 53)Puppet 54)Another boring day (1994) 55)Anger against conformity 56)Hidden from yourself 57)Very important people 58)The pest 59)Thy extreme vanity 60)Removing the mask 61)Blind 62)Laws and crimes 63)No more 64)Depression 65)Toxic conclusion (Rifidit Cadaveric)

Label Contact:C/o Douglas Alves Junior
Caixa Postal 1668
Sao Paulo / SP

Email: terror225@hotmail.com

Rot website: http://rotbrazil.cjb.net/


TODAY IS THE DAY "Live till you die" cd

  (Relapse Records)
Release date: 2000
Review: It's the first time I listen to Today is the Day. But this album isn't a studio album, it's more like live recordings and B-sides I think. Still, I enjoyed it a lot . It's fairly experimental though. Sometimes it sounds like weird and cold metal/hardcore stuffs, sometimes there are some pop elements added to it and sometimes things like near-grind-noise parts. But it always sound very simple and pure. And vocals are always manic or screamy, in a really mad way. I like that kind of unsettling music, can't really describe it, as it's very varied. But imagine weirdest Brutal Truth stuffs, acoustic guitar parts and cover versions of Bad Company, Chris Isaac and The Beatles all mixed together on a cd. And that's about it. If you're into original things, I can only recommend that. Released by Relapse Records.
Tracks: 1)The Color of Psychic Power 2)Pinnacle 3)Feel Like Makin' Love 4)Temple of the Morning Star 5)Wicked Game 6)Crutch 7)Ripped Off (Acoustic) 8)High as the Sky 9)In the Eyes of God 10)Users 11)TDA 12)Blindspot 13)Why Don't We Do it in the Road? 14)After Life 15)The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself




(Bones Brigade Records - BB 022)
Release date: 2003

Running time: 62:52

Here's a nice collection of everything by Total Fucking Destruction, the band of ex-Brutal Truth drummer Rich Hoak... This project of his sounds... well actually it sounds a lot like late Brutal Truth, very much in the lines of "Kill Trend Suicide" and "Sounds of the Animal Kingdom" (especially in terms of drumming, obviously)... It might be slightly more minimalist but still in a similar vein: raw, slightly lofi vibe, guitars with loads of distortion, jazzy bass lines, out of whack vocals, energetic compositions, something weird and wild at the same time. Naked City and Exit 13 occasionally springs to mind too. I must say this stuff is a lot of fun to listen to, the incredible intensity of the whole thing and the almost upbeat thrashing riffs always get to me... Regarding vocals, we've got pissed off saturated midrange shouts and screams with a punk feel, mixed with lower grunts... Some very eccentric lyrics and imagery... I must say this is some of the most offbeat stuff I've heard in a while; so if you're looking for originality, definitely go for Total Fucking Destruction... This cd contains 3 demos and some live recordings, overall a very worthwhile collection cd!

Tracks: tfd version 3.0beta non-demo: 1)Kill The Jocks And Eat Their Brains (1:36) 2)Fuckwound (1:31) 3)Necro-Anarchist (0:34) 4)Tfd=Thc(666) (1:00) 5)CorpsePostion (1:57) 6)Bio-Satanic Terrorist Attack (0:52) 7)Metal Emergency (0:50) 8)Pigs Head (1:19) 9)Yes Ma' Am (D.R.I Cover) (1:18)
tfd demo version 2.0 grind over europe 3 edition: 10)GoatLord 2001 (5:09) 11)Grindfreak Railroad (1:13) 12)MotherMatureFucker (0:40) 13)Single Bullet Theory (1:24) 14)Down The Fucking Hole (2:51) 15)Chromatic Blackness (1:01) 16)Armed Response (1:55) 17)Attack Of The Supervirus V 4.0 (0:20) 18)Attack Of The Supervirus V 5.0 (0:23) 19)Intense Negative Vibration (2:02) 20)Kill The Jocks And Eat Their Brains (1:35)
tfd demo 2000 version 1.0: 21)6.5 Billion Pieces Of Shit (3:13) 22)Magdeleine Albright Is Sexy (2:14) 23)Pigs Head (1:46) 24)Metal Emergency (0:56) 25)Attack Of The Supervirus V 1.0 (0:19) 26)Attack Of The Supervirus V 2.0 (0:20) 27)Attack Of The Supervirus V 3.0 (0:20) 28)Fear Of A Black Metal Planet (0:31) 29)Boxcutter (0:10) 30)Bio Satanic Terrororistic Attack (0:49) 31)Jesus(Feederz Cover) (1:24) 32)Goatlord (4:27)
tfd live at the balcony philadelphia, pa, usa: 33)Necro Anarachist-Bio Satanic(Live) (1:55) 34)Corpse Postion(Live) (2:23) 35)Mothermaturefucker/Pigshead(Live) (5:15) 36)Down The Fucking Hole(Live) (3:05) 37)Boxcutter(Live) (0:20) 38)Fuckwound(Live) (1:36) 39)Metal Emergency(Live) (1:00) 40)Tfd=Thc(666)(Live) (1:19)

Band: rich666@voicenet.com - http://welcome.to/totalfuckingdestruction
Label: http://www.bonesbrigaderecords.com




Release date: 1999

Desecrator Review:
Desecrator is my personal fave french band with Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition... to have a complete description of the band check my review of their split tape with Unholy Grave... On this cd, they benefit of a great sound production, far better than their first demo... If you don't know the band, I would say they play fucking intense grindcore! Drums are crushing, guitars are lowtuned, heavy and strong, vocals are extremely guttural growls (with a few screamy backing vox), songs never excede 1'30 minutes... So it's fucking thick and dense grind, some may say grind-death, but their sound is raw and grinding to the core.... Killer all the ways! The problem is that 7 songs, it's too short!!! Imagine 20 or 30 songs on an album, and it would be a grindcore masterpiece for sure! The Desecrator logo is fucking cool too, i think, and they use weird, sick or porn pictures for their artwork, check this band out!
 1)Flame thrower massacre 2)Putride discharge 3)Folds of fat: defenestration 4)Home invasion 5)The age of apocalypse 6)Pedo-executioner 7)Scatovarius

Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ Review: I was very surprised by this CSSO material! Especially by the first songs... It changes a lot from their early releases! Well... the sound is good! Of course slightly raw, because it's a live recording! And vocals are not extreme the way they were in the past, because no distorting vocal effects are used there.... They also oriented their music towards a more raw rock n' roll feeling! with very audacious musical jammings reminding Led Zepplin or Jimi Hendrix works.... There's still a pain-in-the-ass grindcore dose though, à la Agathocles. If you appreciated their masterpieces of original and powerful grind on the 7"ep "Diversion of former customary trite compositio" and the split 7"ep with Dead infection... You'll be impressed how brilliantly they manage to re-create the complex and fucking groovy grind jewels that are "Shake it up Bokan", "Worst" or then, "Diversion"... CSSO are the most original, humouristic, creative and non-conformist guys of grind scene today! This isn't their best live recording ever, but real CSSO aficionados should seriously think about getting this!
Tracks: 3'58 minutes of dogma/Mental rape/Ureinashi - Madonashi/893 K/Alkanoid/Worst/Shake it up Bokan/Alkanoid/Diversion

Infected Pussy Review: And then, it's Infected Pussy turn... and yes, i think this is their best job ever! First, the intros are really better than in the past... fucking less annoying! Taken from a french TV show about TV advertisemnet called CULTURE PUB. Personally i saw the shows where they borrowed the stupid intros! So I think the intros are real cool! There are also a few intros from stupid erotic movies... they're funny too! But intros apart, this is also the most musically interesting Infected Pussy release... Well, by musical I mean grindy and noisy! with noise guitars, messy drums and extreme vocals! Mostly 5 seconds short songs... This is my fave Infected Pussy release so far! This 3 way split also comes with a large colour front cover, with extreme, mostly pornographic pictures... Necrophil also writes a cool speech, with a good spirit and cool view on grind scene! This cd is a CD-R, and the sound production of all the bands is very good... It's a DO IT YOURSELF release but it beats the shit out of most fake metal records released by lame money grabber labels, overflooding the underground these times.....
Tracks: a lot
of them.


TU CARNE "Antologia del horror extremo" Promo Cdr


Release date: 2001

Review: Pretty damn cool promo release on a funny tiny 5" cd format... That would be Tu Carne, from Spain. Yet another cool band from Spain. Like Machetazo or Denak (but in a different genre) they opted for titles and stuff in their own spanish language. That's always kinda fresh. It's always the same old kind of gore stuff and morbid topics, except it's in spanish; so it's fun and it changes a little. The band makes pretty neat songs, quite catchy, moderate to fast, in a grindy way, between heaviness and rawness, basic guitar riffs, bass with a lot of distortion, hideous vocal effect growls, simple straightforward drumming, lumbering gore ambiances and a strong Carcass/Dead Infection influence... It's all very well, nice gore, grind & death stuff, stuff to check out, most definitely. If you're into spanish acts like Gruesome Stuff Relish and Machetazo (and you should be), I tell you Tu Carne stands strong with the bunch of em.
 1)Intro 2)Morbo 3)Violacion el perturbado 4)Suicidio 5)Campo de exterminio 6)Odio 7)El despertar 8)Instinto canibal 9)Enfermo terminal 10)Fear of Napalm (Terrorizer Cover)

Contact: E-mail: rbrt@ono.com Website: http://webs.ono.com/tucarne


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