SMES "The Good, the Bad & Me" Split Cd


(Black Hole - BHP 009)
Release date:

Instrument-less cybergrind is an acquired taste, personally I enjoy this stuff a lot and I'd say S.M.E.S. is one of the best in the genre, definitely the wackiest too. The sound of this thing is a totally computer-generated guitar-like rumble, with some clear bass lines, pounding/catchy programmed drums and gurgled, pitch-shifted gory growls spewed over everything. It's pretty similar to Libido Airbag, simple and direct like that, only with much more goofy-sounding sound effects mixed in... The main good thing is that the sound has a definite clarity and precision, which make the songs that much more crushing. It's fun, grinding, groovy and often cheesy too. The cd layout and design looks really cool... the computer game-type pixelised picture of Erwin is especially fun, I've seen this band and style dubbed nintendo-grind a few times so this is really fitting. A very cool cd in my book.

Tracks: 1)Ernie's nightmare 2)Pro-zac 3)G-spotted 4)Fruity juice-- 5)Have a sucker 6)When Sgt. Gomp charges 7)Bio-logical 8)saunatorium 9)I'm going out of my duck 10)Gore white face 11)G.I. Joke 12)Po, Mirta, Grind 13)Shower now!

S.M.E.S. Contact : Erwin de Groot
Kraijenhoffstraat 54
5612 PZ - Eindhoven


c/o Fernando Camacho
Caixa Postal 1181
Curitiba - PR
CEP 80011-970





(Bizarre Leprous Productions)
Release date:

Lymphatic Phlegm Review:
Well, Lymphatic Phlegm is pretty well-known among goregrind afficionados I think. The big appeal for this bresilian band is mostly because of their purely pathological concept, and a music style that goes back to the roots of the genre, there's not that many bands still playing it that way anymore... Their sound quality is always a bit rough around the edge, but if you compare it to their early stuff, it's actually a huge improvement. So, here we have typical goregrind, of the most basic kind, with guitar riffs à la Exulceration/old Agathocles, always a whole lot of reverb on the guitars, blasting and rolling programmed drums and one hundred percent pitch-shifted gory vocals! Lymphatic Phlegm is damn enjoyable. Just because Pathological Goregrind in such a pure form is really rare these days. Lymphatic Phlegm does a really neat craftsman job, it's truly fun to listen to. Those endless, nonsensical patho song titles also crack me up... And how cool is that cover?

S.M.E.S. Review: Now to S.M.E.S... Basicly, it's the dutch answer to Libido Airbag. Definitely one of the finest Cyber Gore/Grind acts around, perhaps the finest, with Microphallus... This stuff is totally computerised, with pounding and grinding programmed drums, some kind of dissonant electronic bass sound and sickening, distorted, pitch-shifted gurgling vocals. It's highly effective, fast, heavy and just kicking ass! a lot of songs have a humorous tone with a video game kind of sound and other weird stuff... It's grinding and speed-crazed, with a pretty tasteless sense of humor (check out the cover!). People into demented cyber-grind should just love it.

Tracks: LYMPHATIC PHLEGM: 1)Necrosis of a rather Extensive Part of the Jejunum-Ileum 2)Inhalation of Vomitus (Subsequent Pneumo-Interstitial Emphysema) 3)Happy Sickness of Life (Exulceration) 4)Congenital Tumour Constituted by Embryonic Tissues and Foetal Residues 5)Multiple Induced Foetal Abnormalities in Embryopathia 6)Estimation of Creatine-Phosphokinase as an additional Method For Identification of Seminal Stains 7)Intramyorcadial Platelet Embolus Evidence 8)Growth of the Mucous Mebrane III Vein Tissue and Stomach Subjecent Fiber Tissue Layer 9)Inorganic variety of Chronic Tuberculous Peritonitis 10)Malignant Tumour Resultant from epithelial cells Proliferation
S.M.E.S.: 11)Trinocle 12)Dunn 13)Intercoursenet 14)Afleiding 15)Junglefever 16)Ageties 17)Munch-Crunch 18)Cificare 19)Torturarse 20)Miracles 21)Licky Verf 22)Uloock Goregious 23)Topbutter 24)Milk vampire 25)fartlig 26)Screwsome 27)In Eggony!

Mp3 in the Audio Section


S.M.E.S."Goregasmic Tales from Technophobia" Cd


(Black Hole Productions)
Release date: 2001

Review: It's a huge one-man Cybergrind act we have here. The premise is brutal computery Goregrind, with bloody distorting vocal effects, fast cyberblasts and violent, weird computer-generated bass/guitar sounds. Maestro Erwin always alternates catchy ruthless grind parts and wacky colorful fun parts; so, you'll need a good sense of humor to fully appreciate it. I find it extremely fun myself, and the grind parts are just kick-ass, so the mix works just fine. Compositions often stretch to 3 or 4 minutes and it stays quite catchy all the way. That's real great work, considering the pretty long total running time. If you're into Libido Airbag and stuff, you'll definitely wanna check S.M.E.S. out. The cover is simple, cdr deal, but Fernando (Black Hole mag, cover designer on most Lofty Storm cds...) did a great job as usual, especially for the back-cover, methinks it looks smashing! That's all I can say bout this one right now.. But it's officially Recommended stuff.

Tracks: 1)Goregasmic Tales from Technophobia 2)Chloor 3)Decay O.K.! 4)Legalize it 5)September 18th 6)Horny-hornier-horror 7)Epo Metal Erin 8)The Scientist of Giant Tits 9)A House, a Tree and a Pet 10)Gore some more 11)Kan nie balen 12)White Widdow 13)No title yet 14)Your useless brains (will be lunch) 15)Fuckable 16)Zo saai-ety 17)Gaserop
Audio: "Fuckable" Mp3

Label: Black Hole Productions
Caixa Postal 1181
Curitiba - PR
Cep 80.011-970

S.M.E.S.: Erwin
Kraijenhoffstraat 54
5612 P2 - Eindhoven


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