(Bones Brigade)
Release date: 2001
Running time: 31:08
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition
Review: Screw the lyrics! Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition's just here for the grinding pain in the ass. We're talking fast & heavy goregrind. The relentless show of crushing guttural growls, manic screams and vocalistic delirium tremens in between. The unadulterated battery of primal drumming. The wall of ruthless grindcore riffing. Each song thicker, more stubborn than the other, driven through heads like a railroad spike. An avalanche of feel-bad brutality. Gore. Intense mutilation. Nothing left behind but pulped, smoking, carnal ruins. Neat cover art that spits and coughs blood at you, half an hour of non-stop miraculous goregrind... What more do you ask for?

Label Contact: BONES BRIGADE
BP 31
62140 HESDIN
Email: (Nicolas)

Band Contact: SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION new full lenght CD 21 tracks out NOW on Bones Brigade Records
After some troubles with censorship the new gore grind fury (special packaging)
available at
Tristan Branger
21, rue Martissot
92110 CLICHY

prices :
France : 80 FRFS port compris (ch�que ordre M. Brocoletti)
Europe : 12 US $ ppd
Rest of the world : 13 US$ ppd
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(Bones Brigade)
Release date: 1998

Rot Review:
Here is the second cd release by Bones Brigade, the label which released Last Days of Humanity first cd... All I can say is: What a striking cd! Total professionnal work! Over-the-top quality cd artwork... and both bands of the split have a significant brutal and clear sound production... ROT side is the vein of their new album "Sociopathic behavior" (even better): brutal mince/grindcore with lots of crust and hardcore influences... Marcelo's vocals are always so growling... with lots of backing screams and hardcore vocals... It's powerful, grinding and energic and I love it! The anti-ROT ones won't like it; it's their problem! I really enjoy their music and I don't care about stupid rumours and baseless talk-abouts about the band... Here we have brutal music! So let's enjoy without masturbating our brain! Social lyrics as usual(interesting to read; at least for me!), and artistic paintings pictures: pretty good. 

Tracks: 1)Cynical excuse 2)Little rockstars 3)Pull the trigger 4)Punk as fuck 5)Another boring day 6)Surfer boy 7)Despise their judgement 8)Socially conform 9)As a whole 

Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition Review: Simply a masterpiece... Here is without doubts the best french band ever! The drums sound like the ones on DEAD INFECTION "A chapter of accidents"(blasting and ultra fast with a really percussive sound), guitars and bass are down-tuned and sound like terrible visceral excess... The vocals are without effects, but ultra extreme and sick: most of them are screamy but not too much accentuated and dissolving very well with the background music and the other type of vocals: the ultra low growls... Sound production is really astonishing, and all the instruments and vocals are blending to form an homogeneous heavy type of grindcore(in DEAD INFECTION "A chapter of accidents" vein). But they are not a DEAD INFECTION rip-off, they have their own personality and music sound; and I'm sure I can recognize Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition any times I hear it! Includes porngore artwork! and the most stupid song titles ever! A MUSTGETITRIGHTNOW cd... 

 10)Scrotum rules 11)Nécropédozoophilien 12)3-0 Scatogorophage / La deuxxx! / GôÖÄÄââllll 13)Lady died 14)Female sphincter dilation 15)Emmoroïdal meat 16)Drink-Smoke-Fuck-Eat! (Just do it!) 17)Royal spice fucking(porcine power) 18)Dead dick 19)Stomach masturbation 20)Penis autodissection 21)Grunter screams 22)Grinding oesophage ejeculation 23)Siprinose addiction 24)Marie & Schultz 25)Pigs & Love 26)Move your ears!!! 27)Vitch boys (Bloody dance musique) 28)STOP salad vivisection... NOW!!! 29)Outro 


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