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Yet another good Czech band! They are into "Perverse Porno Gore Grind", as they say on the box.. I found the cover really great and funny! as well as their logo, which is very inspired by IMPETIGO one! The music itself too... Well in reality, they sound like DEAD INFECTION on "Surgical disembowelment" at times: the vocals(with cool low pitched effects), guitar and drums are in this vein. Maybe sometimes a little faster and with shorter songs... but PSC is closer to german gods, GUT for the spirit... There is an intro for each track... A big part of them are from porn movies of course... but the most interesting (and utterly disgusting) ones are from gore/horror movies; I recognized a few ones from Cannibal Holocaust(when the girl is raped and murdered by the nice cannibals in the end or when a pregnant girl is having her foetus removed, not sure), and many from Lucio Fulci's "The Gates of Hell"(when the woman regurgitate her internal organs, and when the guy is skull-drilled); but the lyrics of these songs are not inspired by those movie... these are more gory/with anatomical details than pornographic/perverted, but nothing extremely exciting though! The music on this album is really the type of goregrind I like! But unfortunately there are too fucking many intros, always longer than the songs!!! It's ok if you have 39 songs like GUT, but here we have only 15 songs! It's too little... Anyway, this album is very sick and I quite like it! Something between GUT, IMPETIGO and early DEAD INFECTION with a good heavy sound. Check the bizarre band pix that reminded me of GUT too... If you look for serious grind, don't get this album! This is a STUPID goregrind band with NO CONSCIENCE! You are warned!

Tracks:  1)Violent sexual orgy 2)Incest party 3)Massacre in the oriental porno 4)Masturbation in the mortuary 5)Sadistic emotion 6)Cannibalistic festivals of murders 7)Victim of homosexual 8)Bloody penis 9)Dying with vaginal bleed 10) Brutal fuck 11)Sexual deviation 12)Dessert from human meat 13)Perverse orgasm 14)Jesus anal 15)The final: pathological report about genital torture



PURULENT SPERMCANAL "Legalize for cannibalism" Cd


(Leviathan Records)
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Review: The spermen are back with a new album on Leviathan, if you have already listened the 'sperman' EP you may have noticed that they have lost a bit the GUT influence and the fucking long intros...So that 's a good point. So if you don 't know it 's stupid-porno-fun-gore which alternates between midtempo riffs and blastbeats. The production is quite good, and the cover artwork is fucking great!(i would buy the album only for it!!!!). But the annoying points are still the intros/interludes which somes are quite strange (like some voodoo stuffs or whatever...i don 't know, it 's weird).They don 't really mix with the music. But finally it 's a good album for all pornogore freaks! Post-scrotum: the 'sperman'EP is included at the end, and that 's a good initiative 'coz it kills! note:3/5(they can do better)

Tracks: 1)Koprostatic cunt katharr 2)Larva infested clitoral melanom 3)Saprogenic vaginal canal 4)Drastic totalextirpation of female genital 5)Sordes and pus in vaginal gore 6)Imminent vulva dissection 7)Feast upon carcinogenic vaginal tissue 8)Purulent inflamation of clitoral abscess 9)Metrektomie 10)Unrecognized decapitated crania 11)Corpse devourer 12)Extirpated vagina 13)Malodorous inquest 14)Ulcerating vagina


Reviewed by Bruno Kan the_genocider@yahoo.fr

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