KRYPTOSEXUAL CANCROID "The Best Shit 1996-2001" Cd-r


(Prolapse Records - Pro-006)
Release date:

This cd-r is a very cool collection of stuff from the very unconventional and now defunct italian band Kryptosexual Cancroid. If you don't know them, they're all blistering chaos, with distorted and rather high-pitched furious vocals, fusing aggressive guitar riffs, violent drum machine blasts and also a great deal of weird-ass computerized sounds and moments bordering on experimental noise... you'll even find a hardcore techno track here ("Vietnam war pisses me off"). This is harsh, fast, raw and seriously pissed off stuff. Very fun too. This release contains stuff from the split 7" w/ Deviant Viral Source, the split tape w/ Hatebox & the first demo.

Tracks: 1)Intro / Shitty bigots (unreleased version) 2)Policia cavron 3)Zen and the Art of Roll a Joint up 4)The abolition of work 5)Horrible 6)Indio's revenge 7)Cock! Shit! Methane! 8)It's raining stones 9)Vietnam war pisses me off (unreleased version) 10)Coprophagious delicious 11)Destroy nazis

Label Contact: Prolapse Records
GPO Box 291 Sydney NSW 2
001 Australia



KUTABARE "Finger Food Fetish for the Morbidly Abnormal" Cd


(Razorback Records)
Release date:

Way heavy, twisted death/grind from this great new australian band (formed by Bestial Warlust, Undinism, and Corpse Molestation ex-members)... This album is an instant classic in putrid metal, allying catchy midtempo, speed-fueled rythms, splattery guttural grunts/growls and the utmost down-tuned heaviness. The result is very effective and has an almost sickening, barf-inducing effect. It reminds me a lot of Dead/Gut (Germany) mixed with Autopsy - plus an additional touch of gore & grind to tighten things up. Songs are all solid, pounding, dripping with gore and vomit, occasionally spiced with intros from flicks such as Peter Jackson's Bad Taste... The whole imagery is weird, sick and rather humorous, with bizarre artwork and even more bizarre song titles... A very satisfying cd if you crave for down-tuned, slimy, gurgling and grinding death metal...

Tracks: 1)Religiously Frustrated 2)Moisterened Cunt 3)Frotage the fromage 4)Siamese Twins 5)Rime of Ancient Marinated Corpse 6)Dildo of Death 7)Alien Intelligence 8)Maggot Laced Meal 9)Assassin 10)Guinea Worm


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