INTESTINAL DISGORGE "Whore splattered walls" Cd


(Lofty Storm)
Release date: 2001
Total running time: 51:13

Review: Intestinal Disgorge sticks to that twisted gore-noise-grind style of theirs for a new long length album. This new material is still hysterical, extremely gory, larsen-ridden and schizophrenic. Basicly, there's a pretty regular thrashy background, and gory pitch-shifted vocals; and then elements like distorted larsens and extremely high-pitched screams come out of nowhere, adding up to the whole thing, creating this bizarre pace. De-synchronised, insane, dissonant and chaotic. Messy gorecore, borderline noisecore but always with a pretty clear sound. Delivered with a complete lack of taste and sheer vulgarity, typical scato/porno/gore song topics and Gore Gallery type photos imagery. Filth, filth and filth, nothing but filth, and noise too. Once again, Lofty Storm comes up with a fantastic looking cover layout. That's about it, take it or leave it.

Tracks: 22 Tracks
Sounds: "The Hooker Butcher" Mp3

Band Website:

Caixa Postal 1550
Florianópolis - SC - 88010-970


INTESTINAL DISGORGE "Drowned in excremental sludge" Cd

  (Lofty Storm Records)
Release date: 2000
Total running time: 30:27

Review: This band is special, their style has two sides. On one hand it's rather traditional vocal effects goregrind stuff with groovy simple structures like ol' Gut, but on the other hand it's totally deranged messy noisegrind with the most insane & impromptu ultrahighpitched piercing screams I've ever heard. I personally prefer the screamy delirium parts because they don't have habitual structures, they're original and they're often blazing fast, it's totally destabilizing. There's a great job done at mixing both things. The work on vocal effects is also particular and inventive; plus, the guitar have a very powerful distortion sound. Intestinal Disgorge is definitely not a conventional goregrind band, I'd say they're nearly experimental at times. This is quite uneasy listening grindnoise, but still it's very fresh and straightforward compared to all the bands around today. It's not just a nice metal product, it's offensive, shocking, energic, raw and it's surely not something that will leave you indifferent. Their concept about Piss & Shit is some of the most disgusting thing ever. The cover and pictures are totally repulsive. It's really not a pretty cd... I'm certain it will shock and piss off many people! This is what gore & provocation is meant to be. Now, for the comparison, I have to say: Last Days of Humanity, Decomposing Serenity, Gut, Dismembered Fetus, Sorethroat and Haemorrhage hidden bonus track in the end of "Grume"... Maybe not all these bands in one, but just little bits here and there. If you decide to give it a try, don't forget to get yourself a barf bag.

Tracks: 1)Rectum grinder 2)Plastered in runny filth 3)Toilet intercourse 4)Bathing in fecal bathwater 5)Corrosion of green anal walls 6)Gastrointestinal splatter spray 7)Gorging on fizzing malignant entrails 8)Imbibing rancid micturation 9)Intestinal collapse and melting 10)Extensive obliteration of the rectal orifice 11)Exploding juicy cancerous guts 12)Caked in grimy rectal filth 13)Vomiting rancid grime 14)Sleeping in grime-soaked bedsheets 15)Swimming in child innards 16)Torrents of disgusting festering purulency 17)Trembling in torrents of diarrhea 18)Life story of a coprophagiac 19)Soaking wet with urination 20)Disemboweled and deliciously barbecued 21)Foaming genital corpulence 22)Colonic eruption 23)Butchered rotting human carcasses 24)Ssoaked with intestinal chyme 25)Cascade of gastrointestinal crap 26)Bloody feces syndrome 27)Vomiting fecal paste 28)Face down in a toilet full of vomit and feces 29)Grime 30)Pictures of blistered genitalia

Band Website:

a/c Marco Moriguti
Caixa Postal 1550
Florian´┐Żpolis - SC - 88010-970


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