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(July 16 1999)

After listening to their amazing first demo tape, "Taste of human flesh" I decided to ask Exposed Guts a few questions, to know more about them... The great thing is that Markus answered very quickly... Well, no more bullshit needed, they are from Germany, they play nice brutal blasting musick, let's just start...
OK, how, when, why did EXPOSED GUTS form ? How would you define your music style ? Gore-grind  or then something else?
Markus: First I've got to thank you for doing this interview, Pierre. Well, there's no special day when Exposed Guts were founded. We started our first band in winter '95, but it broke up due to line-up problems. After the Grind Over Europe tour in September '96 (Dead Infection, Haemorrhage and CSSO) we were totally impressed by these bands and the whole underground thing. We started writing new songs and in May '97 we decided to choose the name Exposed Guts. In summer '97 a drummer completed our line up and we were able to realize the sick ideas of our morbid minds. The stuff on the first demo is definitely Gore Grind, but today I'd say we are playing some style of Death/Grind. We've got so many influences ranging from Gore Grind to (brutal) Death Metal that I'd say that our newer stuff is a symbiosis of our influences, but we also try to have out own identity.

What is the current line-up ? Can you present the members ? Do you always use programmed drums ?
Markus: The current line up consists of Michael Smykalla on bass and me on guitar and vocals. We're good buddies and we are both into the same brutal stuff. He's playing bass since the very first beginning in '95. Back in these days I was just doing vocals, but I started playing guitar in winter '96 when there was no one interested in doing it. As I said before we had a drummer, but he hasn't been into the music. Beside that he turned out being a fascist, so there was no chance to cooperate with him any longer. There have also been three other drummers been interested, but no one of them was into Death and Grind. We need someone who is really like us. He's got to love the brutal stuff 100%. All in all the drum machine, we use, has quite a good sound.

« Taste of human flesh » is the only release I know from you ! But hell, this is very brutal and gory ! Can you present it ?  How many copies have been made ? Did you receive good response from people about it ?
Markus: Yeah, we had some good reactions on it! I haven't suspected that, due to the fact that this was our first studio experience. We just made about 150 copies and there weren't send many to zines. Although I think that our new stuff is better I'll do some more copies of the tape for people who are interested. We were unbelievably happy with the way it turned out, when we were holding it in our hands for the first time. There are 13 songs on it and its running time is about 38 minutes. It is fast gory and brutal grind  with some groovy parts here and there. It's a studio recording and most people have been impressed by the sound. There are songs like "Eat thy neighboor", "Gutsfuck with a ripped-up bitch" and other funny stuff. It's still available for 4 US$ in Europe and 5 US$ for overseas.

Do you write lyrics ? or do you growl meaningless vocals ? If you write lyrics why didn't you include them in the demo ?
Markus: Yes, most songs have lyrics. On "Taste..." there are songs which have got no lyrics, coz there was not enough time to write any...hahaha... Some of the songs were written a few days before the recording session. "Disintegrated" for example contains just some stupid stuff as lyrics, but who cares. Well, the funny and gory pictures were more important for us, than the lyrics. The lyrics also weren't that good and enternaining. The newer lyrics are really funny, I guess we'll print some of them next time. Due to the fact that I don't use vocal effects, I've got to sing some kind of lyrics, otherwise it sounds stupid.

Do you have any other releases out except this great demo ? Do you have upcoming releases planned ? Did you write many new tracks ? Is it always so gory and brutal ?
Markus: We've already recorded our 2nd demo in March, but it isn't mixed yet. I hope to have it mixed soon. It will be a five songs tape. Some of the songs are "Skinless", "Ultimate Gore Assault" and "The Quintescence Of Putrescence". Beside that we've got some other new songs. There will be a new song, called "Rip It From Mother's Cunt"  on the 2nd Razorback Rec. Compilation CD. So check this one out if you're into brutal Death and Grind. The new stuff is still fucking brutal and the lyrics still deal with gore and horror. All in all it is more varied from song to song, coz we want to keep it interesting for the listener. Some songs keep the speed; but are much more technical and better structured. We're planning to do a CD at the end of '99, maybe a split with our brothers of Deadly Pale.

Germany seems to have a rather new generation of sick gore & grind bands like Sanity Dawn, Utopie, Cock And Balls Torture, Libido Airbag etc. how's german scene to you? Can you advise me some new, starting, sick german bands ?
Markus: Yeah it seems to spread like cancer, hahaha... All the bands you mentionned are from Southern Germany except for sanity's Dawn and they are all fucking great. In my area there's not so many bands, but the scene seems to grow. I don't go to many concerts, coz there are no concerts in the area where I live. I've seen Sanity's Dawn live in '97 and it was really cool. To me it seems to be some kind of New Wave Of German Death/Grind. Other cool German bands are Mindflair, Carnal Shroud and Mucupurulent. Here in my area we have Depression, Castigate, Taxidermist, Deadlock, yeah and our brothers of gore, Deadly Pale. Look out for their demo "Suicide kills", Taxidermist have got a demo, too. Pure Death Metal against animals fuckin' rules.

Am i wrong if I say that Mortician is one of your influences ? Do you have a very big interest in world-wide death-grind scene ? Do you collect records & tapes ? What are your very fave bands ? What was the last show you went to ?
Markus: I love Mortician and I really admire that they are around for such a long time and they're still down to earth. They are not such a great influence musically, but they've encouraged us to use a drum machine. Yes man, I'm totally interested in the worldwide scene! There are so many people all around th eworld believing in one thing: the underground. Yeah I collect stuff, but I don't have got so much money at the time, coz I save money to do a CD release at the end of the year. One of my all time favorite band is Macabre, they are so fuckin' cool. I'm still looking for the "Gloom/Grim Reality" CD and for T-Shirts, if anyone wants to sell anything, contact me. Beside that I like today's US Death Metal bands like Deaden, Lividity, Fleshgrind, Skinless... and I love Gore bands like Haemorrhage, Dead Infection, Disgorge and the old heros like Pungent Stench, Necrony, Gut, etc... The last show I went to was Anal Cunt in June '99.

Did you already play live gigs ? Will you play any shows in a close future ?
Markus: Man, we love to play live. It's always a big party. Live you get the direct reactions on your music. We've played six times up to now and I hope there will be more shows in the near future. If anybody organizes any concerts, get in contact. We may also organize by the drummer of Deadly Pale. I hope to have some bigger bands there next year.

You use many intros sampled from splatter movies, mainly from Bad Taste & Braindead (aka Dead Alive). What do you think about other Peter Jackson's movies, Meet The Feebles, Heavenly Creatures & The Frighteners ? What other movies do you dig ?
Markus: I am not so into splatter movies. I don't buy any to say so, coz I spend all my money on music. If any of my friends has got some cool stuff, i check it out. One friend of ours is a Splatter Freak, I guess he's got a lot of stuff, so I'll check some new stuff soon. I haven't seen the other Jackson movies up to now. Brain Dead and Bad Taste are fucking great, coz they are gory on one hand and funny on the other. That's what I love and that's what I want to express with my music, gore and fun. Other films I like are the "Evil Dead" and the "Night of the living dead" stuff. beside that I love the "Ren & Stimpy" show. (an insane cartoon -Pierre)

10) On the demo you cover a band called SADISTIC MUTILATION. But i don't know this band. Who were they ? What have they released ?
Markus: I Sadistic Mutilation was our first band. We just wrote that in the booklet to honor our guitar player Patrick Bauer. He has spent so much time on the band in these days and he has written these songs. We are still good buddies and he's always at our concerts although he's not into Metal anymore. Sadistic Mutilation was his baby and we were not able to release anything back then. So it was our obligation to do that later.

11) EXPOSED GUTS logo is really great ! ! ! It was drawn by Luisma ! You're always in contact with him ? What do you think of HAEMORRHAGE ? & their last album « Anatomical Inferno » ?
Markus: I love the logo, too. I'm still in contact with him and he was the first person I've ever written to. I think their "Grume" CD is their best one, but "Anatomical Inferno" kicks ass, too. I'm really looking forward to see 'em live again. Their shows are so fucking great, the only show that could be compared with them would be Exhumed. These bands should be supported by all lovers of gore! Buy their CDs, Shirts and go to their shows!

12) Well I think that's all ! ! ! Leave your comments ! Thanks a lot ! ! !
Markus: I've got to thank you, Pierre! Good luck with your zine. Remember: Death and Grind is what we're living for! Support and keep it alive. Everyone should contact me for the "Taste of human flesh" demo (5 US$ World/4 US$ Europe) or for the new tape which is going to be released soon. Rest in pieces!

band contact:
c/o Markus Lempsch
Op'n Spitol 22
59065 Hamm


-"Taste of human flesh" demo tape 1998
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