INHUME "In for the Kill " Cd


(Osmose Productions)
Release date: 2003

Running time: 31:52

This actually came out more than a year ago, but better late than never... If you don't know them, Netherland's Inhume is the archetype of relentless grind/death brutality, fueled by a mix of Terrorizer and hyperspeed death metal influences, expelled with implacable force and a huge, fucking heavy sound production. This album just picks up where the last one left off; with its whirlwind of fierce, supertight blastbeats, doublebass pounding, bad-ass riffing and dual growling vocals... Overall this is a really intense, smooth ride of a grinding album... Actually it almost sounds like it's on autopilot at times... But heh, that's nitpicking, I absolutely adore this cd... If you want something truly effective, heavy and that will flawlessly blast your face off on each track, "In for the Kill" is the thing you need... I can't say I'm a fan of their new label, in fact this is the first Osmose release I ever reviewed in these pages, but this cd is more than worthwhile and obviously comes highly recommended!

Tracks: 1)Incineration Of The Body By Own Will (2:03) 2)Process To Decelerate (2:06) 3)Inhume (3:05) 4)Genetic Intervention (1:18) 5)Prelude To Human Confinement (0:42) 6)Scourging (1:57) 7)In For The Kill (2:11)8)Decimated Content (2:37) 9)Ignorance Of The Elevated (2:22) 10)Bitch Redecoration (1:39) 11)Bowel Movement (1:52) 12)Profound Presumption (0:28) 13)Fucked With Paranoia (1:45) 14)Blood Orgy At 7th Street (2:31) 15)Sodomizing Encounter (2:54) 16)Retreat From Morality (2:22)

Band Website:


INHUME "Decomposing from inside" Cd

  (Bones Brigade)
Release date: 2000

Review: This cd is packed with quality grind-death brutality. Wicked fast and furious. Inhume still banks on secure musical driving forces like good ol' blazing speed and bloody heaviness. For about 30 minutes, you gotta bear the sound of crushing sharp drumblasts, lead aggressive growls and backing feverish screams relentlessly cutting through slabs of big heavy grindy guitar riffs.. the super-powerful clear recording/mixing raise the fluidity level big time. It's truly intense, but Inhume is no 'pure' grindcore, the brutal death metal part is obvious. Song are truly structured and well-arranged, still it's as basic and purified as what it was in the past (by the way, a lot of their old songs are used for this cd, but of course in new re-recorded versions). The stuff never really slows down. It's unrelenting. I can't find the right words, but it's truly powerful. Try to imagine a match up between Terrorizer & Dead Infection (Chapter of Accidents) for the intensity and Necrony & Blood for the heaviness/metal part, and you should get a pretty good picture of Inhume. This is official second year 2000 BIG highlight favourite of mine with Machetazo "Carne de Cementerio" release.

Tracks: 1)Gargling guts 2)Squirming parasites 3)Human fucking guinea-pig 4)Schizophrenic pulp 5)Unforeseen annihilation 6)Forbidden hunger 7)Airplane crash 8)Splenetic views 9)Blood, sperm, shit 10)Tiamat 11)Meatcleaver 12)Tumorhead 13)Fout months below 14)Inescapable destiny 15)Regressive progression 16)The missing limb 17)Dead man walking 18)Destructive impulse 19)Invisible death


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