(Obscene Productions - OBP 064)
Release date: 2006
Running time: 13:04

Exhumed Review: This release is possibly a way for Exhumed to make it up to Curby for the time the band had to cancel their appearance at Obscene Fest! The band even dedicates this release to the czech scene! Anyway, this is a nice little split coming in both 7" Ep & tiny 3" Cd format. The Exhumed side consists in an elaborate 5 minute track and two shorter, grindier throwaway tracks, including an old school Napalm Death cover version ("Life?"). I shouldn't have to explain Exhumed to you... But oh well... You've got thrashing riffs, followed by punishing grinding parts, sick, splattery dual vocals... And then the band breaks into some pretty wild guitar solo-ing mid-song too, you know the deal! The shrieking vocals have a slightly different vibe than usual but otherwise this is pretty typical Exhumed stuff... Sound production is excellent as usual. It slightly sounds like Exhumed on autopilot but that still sounds better than just about anything out there!
Ingrowing Review: Ingrowing's side was recorded at the same time as their recent full length cd, so expect more of the same, maybe just check out my recent review for more ranting on the band... Anyhow, this is solid, hard-hitting czech Grind/Death... Nice, thick guitar tone, very catchy riffage, bombastic drumming with tempos ranging from blasting speeds (<mostly that) to groovier rhythms, plus of course dual vicious high pitched snarling/lower bestial growling vocals, etc... 3 songs, all very intense, direct and to the point, the last track is a Regurgitate cover version, it even comes with slight vocal effects which is a nice touch! Overall, simply a pretty good split Ep, this should satisfy fans of both bands!

Tracks: Exhumed "Something sickened this way comes": 1)Something sickened this way comes 2)Consumer or consumed 3)Life?
Ingrowing "To clone and to enforce": 4)Biomechanized 5)Dance of submission 6)Total dismemberment of a female corpse

Label: www.obscene.cz



INGROWING "Cloned & Enforced " Cd


(Obscene Productions - OBP 064)
Release date: 2006
Running time: 31:33

Review: So that's the third (I think) full length album by Ingrowing out of Czech Republic; I'm afraid I must have missed their second cd but anyway, this band has grown into a much more distinctive sounding band since their "Cyberspace" debut... They really sharpened their sound into grind/death that's much slicker, more diverse and cativating. I totally love the guitar sound, it's raw, incisive and always comes across totally clear, with some tight-as-fuck riffing that'll just shred you apart, there's a really awesome catchy thrashiness to it too... Guitars are rather high tuned, and a few songs also have some few death metal flavored melodic threads but overall it always keeps a steady grinding direction and an ultra-fast pace. The high speed drumming is some pretty amazing and powerful stuff, insanely tight and greatly varied, with tons of blistering blasts obviously but also lots of tempo changes and groove also preventing everything from getting stale... Lead vocals are earsplitting, twisted throaty shrieks with totally low, abrasive backing growls as counterpoint. Some of the other vocal choices can be a little out-there and awkward like the brief Bizarro-Jello Biafra-isms on track 3 or some clear spoken parts later on, but this kind of stuff is really kept to a minimum. The band has a pretty unique style that's all their own but if I really had to I'd say Ingrowing males me think of a fierce, slightly more sophisticated Blood, mixed with a catchier grind vibe like Birdflesh, it might be a crazy comparison but that's all I can come up with right now. Art and cd layout are a little generic but decent enough, as usual the band has their own sci-fi concept with lyrics written about clones and stuff, I'm not sure this stuff makes a lot of sense but at least it manages to feel pretty refreshing... All in all, awesome cd, loads of great songs, tons of speed and some really awesome riffs...

Tracks: 1)Life Stealth 2)Nanopunctures 3)New Flesh to Cultivate 4)Shapeshifting / Unidentification 5)Ground Subzero 6)Kill The Original 7)Tragic: The Gathering 8)Blind Light 9)Fight Might Be Right 10)Revolting Waste (Fuck the Hoax) 11)CyClone 12)Ionized Fluid Being 13)Mind Drillers 14)Enforce the Clones! (Kill The Copy) 15)Deletion - A Cyclic End

Label: www.obscene.cz


INGROWING "Cyberspace" Cd

  (Shindy Productions/Tentamen Records)
Release date: 1998

Review: The first full-length cd album by this czech band. This reminds me of the first album from their country mates, Cerebral Turbulency ("As gravy"). A good powerful sound production, and a nice brutal death metal style, with some grindcore sonorities, in the vein on Napalm Death on "Harmony corruption" period and Blood from Germany. Blastings and fast rythms are predominating, with heavy and thrashing guitar riffs, not too technical, but with some great musical arrangements. Sick growls (in Blood/Sinister vein) and mid-high pitched tortured screams (Carcass) share the vocals part. Their music is easy to listen to for (brutal) death metal freaks, the song structures are worked and very attractive. This album is good! And the running time is above the average (50 minutes), especially because of the 8 bonus tracks from their split demo '97 with Constrastic. This is good, but not totally amazing. Fans of czech death/grind like Cerebral Turbulency, Fleshless etc should dig Ingrowing too... Sound production is good, cover is full coloured, lyrics are included (an original concept about new technologies... a little cold and limited though). Visuals are ok; but no masterpiece, just the usual underground feel... true supporters of underground death-grind should get it.

Tracks: 1)Underture 3)Cyberspace floats through me 3)Touretted 4)Polyanghuulaar dereems 5)Sunken 6)Surreal ego ravening 7)We created another future 8)Sexual inferiority 9)Mounful inferiority 9)Mournful dejection 10)Synergy 0.29 11)Pertual (the unplugged factory...... unperpetualism) 12)Intro 13)Virus bioforge 14)Just only weeping decadence 15)Sadomasochistic grind/mind fucker 16)Agnosis 17)Pithecanthrope syndrome 18)Cortex combustion

Martin Brzobohaty
Sadova 17
679 04  Adamov
Czech Republic
fax: +420543216224 (attn. Martin)


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