(Razorback Records - RR07)
Release date: 2001
Total running time: 55:05

Review: Well. I guess this is best Intense Hammer Rage material yet. I reviewed "Gory B" thinking it was the second album, but it was in fact an Ep. This is the actual second full-length Cd and it's pretty much in the continuity of all the previous releases. They sure have their own style of chunk-blast death-grind, a very special suffocative gore sound, vocals that sound like being performed by stubborn little devils, sick, growly and splattery... They also keep it up with the unbound and deviant porno-gore fun and outrageous imagery... and well, yeah they even got in trouble because of it! Anyway, this is awesome stuff for all the gorecore sickos out there. Great gory death-grind, great running time, great color cover art, printed lyrics (sick as hell!) and great everything. That's a winner! Check it out.

 1)Choking on a chocolate log 2)My fist, her face, same time, same place 3)The third of five to have her alive 4)Homesick abortion 5)Premature ejaculraper 6)The promise of horror and worse to come 7)I'd rather be retarded 8)Any old snuff film starring your kid as the corpse 9)Laugh at you you're dying 10)Meatarian cannibal 11)The corpse in question didn't say no 12)Babysitter 13)Pre-teen sex scene 14)To men who masturbate over dying children 15)The art of fucking kids


  Release date: 2000
Total running time: 28:36

Review: Here's new stuff by this great australian band. This is pretty much in the same vein as their previous cd: Brilliant, pounding & sickeningly heavy. Some kind of gory death-grind with splattery sick growls n' manic gurgles vocals that slighty sound like vocal effects - but are not - (they're no effects, I thought they were at first, but they're not). Sometimes it's so heavy it's suffocating. Song structures are really twisted, with a whole lot of pounding blasts. Though these blasting parts are not blasts in a really catchy fast way; more of in a pounding heavy way I think. I found a very appropriate adjective with "meaty". This is truly meaty death-grind. Badly gory and stomach-turning. You have to love it. Also, you get a bunch of funny intros coming with it, offensive song titles, gory artwork (but this time, only real corpse pictures... sadly, no cool drawing like last time). The total running time is also shorter on this one (only 8 songs). But this is excellent shit. I totally dig it, and they're signed on Razorback Records so that's a mark of quality. Can't miss it, all the band's contacts are below...

Tracks: 1)Rachael's raping Renee 2)Dead little pregnant girl 3)Roly poly chunks of a pathetic obese cow 4)Do the retard rape 5)Please make more dead 6)Luscious lesbian lardass lovers 7)Kyle the holeaphile 8)Something disgusting but somewhat soothing

INTENSE HAMMER RAGE "Devogrindporngorecoreaphile"

  Release date: 1999
Total running time: 61:05

Review: Yum! Here we have some seriously stenchy pounds of meaty and gory fun. It's just sickly brutal grind-death from Australia. Some aspects of their stuff remind me of CSSO (Japan) early goregrind style (without the funny exentricities) mixed with Blood (Germany) chunky brutal death-grind and Hideous Mangleus (Usa)... Well, even if they're not really inspired by these bands, it's the way I feel it! It's heavy in a totally gore way, and quite violently powerful too; I'd like it with more catchy blasts, but it's already awesome the way it is. With really twisted song structures, not really complicated but fast, with lots of rythmic changes. The vocals are especially some of the sickest of the sickest ones I ever heard. Low gore-drenched growls, manic screams and putried squeaks; I thought they were using vocal effects, but they actually do NOT. They're good at that! Man, I prefer not having read the lyrics, coz judging by the song titles I would have probably cringed or barfed my lunch afterwards. Another Intense Hammer Rage specificity is that they stick damn funny South Park samples in their songs, and it works pretty fine, as well as samples from gore movies, but I only recognized Brain Dead (Dead Alive) so far... This album is a welcome addition in my bloody records collection. Seems to be a self-produced CD, it's well-done anyway! But the band now have a deal with almighty Razorback Records for another album so prepare to have your brain smashed to mush! The price for this cd is 13$ US, or 20$ AUS. postage included (address below).

Tracks: 1)There's a baby on my knob 2)Reclusive existence of a forgotten entity 3)I blame you 4)The mechanism of defecation 5)Siamese sluts of fused flesh 6)Fucking dead babies 'cause I'm a sick cunt 7)Axx-scenting the gore 8)I drempt I had a vagina 9)With her cunt she fucks 10)Pussy lips kissing the wrist 11)Wetbones 12)Look inside her insides insides 13)Human pie 14)Pervert the meat 15)Gore, gore and more fucking gore 16)Addicted to the splatter 17)Leaking the reeking pregnant cunt 18)Sticky mucoid discharge

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