(No! Fucking Labels #16)
Release date: 2006
Running time: 63:49

Here's collection of most of Intumescence's material and the whole thing amounts to almost 35 minutes. At least half of the these recordings have a similar production, so this cd basically almost works as a complete Intumescence full length release... And with the Deranged Insane side as a neat bonus, a full use of the cd format is made... In short, Intumescence is quite simply my favorite goregrind band out of Holland! They play some great, heavy goregrind! Drumming is a bit sloppy but it has a great, pounding grindy barbaric feel that I absolutely love, this stuff clearly isn't brutal death metal, it's primitive and ugly grind! Guitars are downtuned as hell, the riffing is grindcore to the bone and gives me a hard-on! Vocals are ripping, gurgling and totally pitch-shifted... Sound production on the studio songs sound perfect to my ears, it sure is heavy as hell but don't expect anything too polished, Intumescence is raw fucking goregrind! The live recordings are a little too much on the rough side to be totally enjoyable, the rest is pure gold though! Ok, so the band is clearly a "Reek of Putrefaction" worship, but "RoP" is one of my all-time favorites so I don't mind it at all... There might be some Exulceration inklings in there as well... Anyway, this stuff rules hard, don't miss this one!
The Deranged Insane is pretty interesting too, though in a different style, just raw brasilian grind sort of in Agathocles vein! Distorted low tuned grind riffs, some nice blastbeats, grotesque growls (kinda like Rot) and raspy shrieks (Pantalones Abaja Marino style), tracks come from various different recording sessions with sound quality in varying degrees of harshness... Oh, nice to hear a Fear of God cover version here! Not much more to say... Just one hell of a great split that almost feels like 2 full lengths, 2 cool bands, quality grind... Highly recommended!

Tracks: 1-41: Intumescence
42-63: Deranged Insane

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I SHIT ON YOUR FACE "Anal Barbecue" Cd


(Proud to be Loud - ptbl001)
Release date:
Running time: 28:06

Here's a nice dose of crunchy, brutal, sewer Gore/Grind! Imagine something straightforward, grinding, raw, nasty, with abrasive guitar riffing, a prominent filthy distorted bass sound, gurgling, squealing growls and tigh-as-fuck, fast blasting drumming... This stuff has a sort of brutal death metal sound at times, but definitely delivers on the harsh, gory, in-your-face grinding department also. Songs are often quite short but well-though out mixing fuzzy, blurs of blasting noise with some pretty mean, incisive riffage on occasion... Sound production is quite clear but obviously with all the necessary rawness and distortion that's recquired for the style! Pretty cool movie samples but unfortunately no real novelty here with typical choices like Bad Taste, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, etc... Most of this stuff has been used by Mortician already... Overall, not a masterpiece but a pretty solid offering from this sick brazilian outfit. The bassist of this band died just recently, too bad because his distorted bass tone on this album is really sick! Rest in peace buddy!!!

Tracks: 1)Beer, Pussy And Weed (With A Pinch Of Gore)... That's All We Need 2)Impassable Seas Of Manure 3)From Fetus... To Feces 4)Mutilate To Mastirbate 5)Brown Puke (The Tal Of An Obstructed Large Intestine) 6)Fibrilating Farts 7)F.F.F. (Fucking Female Freaks) 8)My Fetish Stinks 9)Satanic Staphylococcus 10)The Diarrhea Convictions 11)Anal Barbecue 12)Colostomy Coitus 13)Cattlecum 14)Enema (Another Tale Of An Obstructed Large Intestine) 15)Crispy Crotches Crescendo 16)Clitsaw-Buttdrill 17)Cooking Clotted Cum Covered Cunts 18)Sex Shop Agoraphobia 19)Brutalized By Beelzebuth 20)Cripple Cadaver Consumption


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