GHOUL "Maniaxe" Cd


(Razorback Records - RR18)
Release date:
Running time: 34:44

This new album is quite different from Ghoul's exciting debut "We came for the dead" as the band's thrash metal influence now takes the front seat; Carcass is still the basic influence here (with trademark screamy Jeff Walker-like voice versus guttural roars and gory pitch-shifted growls), but a lot of the songs now almost sound like something out of an early Kreator or Anthrax record and many of the best riffs on display here just scream Megadeth! Song writing is pretty damn flawless, more cohesive, complex and intricate than ever, with aggressive guitars, sneaky bass lines, tight and hard-hitting drums; each and every song truly feels like they're composed with loving care for good old 80's musical agression from early thrash metal to early grindcore and death metal. The sound production is quite excellent too, perfectly clear but keeping a tranchant raw vibe. The cheesy horror-tinged lyrics are also a lot of fun, very much in the spirit of early Misfits, these lyrics are just an incredibly cool read, especially in a time where good horror/gore lyrics are so rare... plus you gotta love the opening song written about literally taking apart black metal posers! This new album is not always as in-your-face and moshing as Ghoul's first offering but it's still filled with gripping thrashing violence, and tons of genius catchy riffs... this is churning, intense and tight fucking thrashing death metal with an edge, in this case a splatter grind edge. Metal just the way it should sound... Pretty much a breath of fresh air, so my advice is just relax and enjoy this exhilarating album... The cd ends with 2 very unusual songs, first one is "The End", some of kind of spastic surf-rock instrumental song with that special kind of guitar sound, a nice introduction to the big finish which is the "What a Wonderful World" cover, complete with updated lyrics, and this one is a stroke of genius, it kinda clashes with the rest of the album with the music style but the lyrics give it a definitely sinister tone as well, perhaps the most powerful track on the album. I wouldn't be surprised if this album became a cult classic. It truly deserves it! The cover art by Jake of Tales From Uranus completely destroys the cover from the first cd in comparison which I thought was too simplistic, this however is a masterpiece! "We came for the dead" grew to be one of my more-frequently played and replayed Razorback cd, but now "Maniaxe" is here, it's not leaving my cd player!

Tracks: 1)Pleasant Screams/Forbidden Crypts 2)Maggot Hatchery 3)Sewer Chewer 4)Ghoul Hunter 5)Numbskull 6)Boneless 7)Maniaxe 8)Mechanized Death 9)The End? 10)What a Wonderful World


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GHOUL "We came for the dead " Cd


(Razorback Records)
Release date:

Latest Razorback spawn is indeed real fine metal. Expect something powerful, with a sharp sound production, neat song-writing and basicly awesome catchy death metal. Blend of Carcass style from "Symphonies of Sickness" and "Necroticism", Impetigo genuine simplicity and old thrash metal. Carcass sticks as the most obvious influence though, with the mid-high pitched vocals and low roaring Bill Steer type vocals, the same kind of powerful thrashing riffs and a great use of gory pitch-shifting vocal effects. Ghoul can't escape the comparison with Exhumed and Impaled either... That's just it: metal with the bite of old Carcass grind, guitar soli, mucho old thrash and death influences... I thought the horror themes of the band's lyrics were quite light-hearted and fun. The spooky intros and cheesy sound effects also make listenings a lot more fun. Overall, it's metal that's extremely catchy, a delight to play over and over, clearly superior and more frank than most metal stuff in the underground these days. Amen.

Tracks: 1)Graveyard Mosh/Ghoul 2)Rot Gut 3)Tomb After Tomb 4)We Came For The Dead 5)Soon, They'll Scream 6)From Death to Dust 7)Coffins and Curios 8)Suspicious Chunks 9)Skull Beneath the Skin



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