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(august 10 1998)
Goregrind and Grindcore interview #7 with Chacal from Flesh Grinder(Brasil)
Questions were asked by myself(Pierre) through email

First, is everything ok with Flesh Grinder?
Hi. Yes, it is... thanks... we�re working hard on new songs !    

What is your history? Discography and line-up?    
Well, we started back in march �93, like a project band that would play grindcore, we were 5 members and we decided to compose splatter lyrics... because we liked (and still like) a lot of gore movies. In july 94 we recorded our DT Rotten Process, that had many copies distributed around the Brazil and Europe. In �96, Marco Moriguti (from Lofty Storm Recs.) invited us to record a CD, so.. we started to work on Anatomy & Surgery, and in July �97, it becomes true !!! We have changed our formation (drums & bass) but our line-up now is stronger than ever : Chacal - octaved vocals, Fabio - gutural vocals, Johhny - drums, Rogerio - bass.

Everything was ok with "Anatomy & Surgery"; your first cd? Are you happy with it?    
Yes it is our first CD, and we are very happy with it. We sent more copies to Europe than Brazil, and both like a lot of Anatomy & Surgery. By the way, it is sold out... we�ll get more brand new copies soon.    

How can you describe your music style? Did it evolve since the beginning of the band?
It�s a very good question... I guess that brutality + harmony + sickness = Flesh Grinder. We like to play grind and the same time to compose something like doom riffs... it�s very strange, I know... but it makes the difference for us... and it will more visible on our next album. In the begining we play just like today, but the lyrics were about "human butchery"... since Anatomy & Surgery we wrote about clinical splatter, talking about surgical procedures and medical terms...

So you are working on new songs... What about them? Is there a new album coming next? Still on Lofty Storm records?    
Yes, we are...They are more brutal and harmonic than ever, I guess... We�ll compose something like 10 - 12 musics and some intros like gore movies our even with hamonizers and then record it.. We are trying to do things that we could not do in Anatomy & Surgery. We already talk with Marco, and our new album will be released by Lofty Storm too... We are very happy ! Marco help us a lot.   

Brazilian grind scene is quite big; and seems getting bigger and bigger... Can you advise the readers on great grind bands? Is there very much fans supporting grind in Brazil?    
Yes, there are. Brazil is very big (150 million people), I live in south, and here the black metal scene is the biggest (and all of them are our big friends), but in the other places the grind core have a lot of fans (Rot rules) and we have a lot of good bands like New York Against Belzebu, Rot, No Sence, Krisium, Hecatomb, Rotting Flesh , Gore, Sarcastic, Lymphatic Phlegm, Hansened and many many others...

Is soccer important for you?    
I play soccer (every monday !), and I watch the games of Flamengo (from Rio de Janeiro)... but the level of importance is low.. Important to me is my job, my family, friends, Flesh Grinder, and have fun (get drunk too) !!!    

Is there a particular reason for using pathological/gore lyrics?    
The are some reasons: mutilated organs, purulent decomposition of tissues, and finally, the pleasure to write and sing it!    

You covered Impetigo "Boneyard" on the cd, is it your bigger influence? What other bands do you cover? Which bands influence your music?    
I think that Impetigo is a big influence for many bands of gore music, for us too.. but our music does not have a direct influence... we listen to different things (since classical to gore),  and all of this stuffs build our songs. We want to do a very personal way to compose our music. We just take our instrument and let the riffs go on! We play Boneyard since the beginning of the band, and every show, everybody ask for Impetigo... so we decided to record our version of it. We cover too a great band from Finland ( the land of brutal bands !!!) called Lubricant, we play "Laceration of vasoconstructive emotions". 

Are you involved in other bands than Flesh Grinder?    
No.. I�m not. I do not have many time to play and to write musics (and we shall study before write the medical musics), and if I have this time, I prefer to spend it with Flesh Grinder.    

What are your favorite movies?    
Excalibur, The Silence of the Lambs (Hannibal Lecter rules), Seven, Day of the Dead, Eles comem sua Carne ("They eat your Flesh" - brazilian gore movie from Canibal Productions), Evil Dead (1,2), Hellraiser, Mary Shellei�s Frankstein (pure clinical splatter), The Profecy(1,2,3), The Reanimator (1,2), Warlock and others...    

What are your plans on touring?    
First of all we want to record our new album... distribute some copies and try some places to play in Europe.. If we got it then we should get in tour, for 20 - 30 days... it depends of how many cities we can visit ! But it is only plans for now...

What do you think of internet?    
Well, I work with web development since jan/97, and the Internet is one way to distribute easily and cheap information about something, 24 hours a day !!! I got a lot of new friends on Internet ! And many people came to know the Flesh Grinder... It�s a good stuff !    

That's all!!! Any last words?    
Thanks for the interview... I hope Flesh Grinder touring soon on Europe  and see you all there !    
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