(Last House on the Right - HAUS 021)
Release date: 2005
Running time:

Split sewage goregrind carnage! Faeces Eruption is a dutch one-man act, and offers as many as 26 untitled tracks of highly energetic gurgling goregrind here... Filled to the brim with blastbeats, guitars and bass drowned in fuzz and distortion, inhuman gurgling growls... And even with mostly unrecognizable riffs, this stuff still manages to remain driving and catchy and all times, never falling into the noise category... The drums are pretty well programmed and diverse and a few short serial killer/gory intros to spice things a little... Just an awesome goregrind act doing a great job at walking in the steps of Last Days of Humanity!
Tumour from Netherland: perfect companion piece to Faeces Eruption! Another one-man act, with slightly muddier sound, drum machine blasts in your face, downtuned, thick, heavy and distorted guitars, watery, gurgling spewing vocals, just a whole lot of really fun and raw, splattery grind! Tons of intros too, I noticed one of them was actually used on Faces Eurption side as well!!! Two totally underground one-man goregrind bands released on one pro-done cd... Goregrind connaisseurs should dig this!

Tracks: Lots of them!
1 to 26: Faeces Eruption "No, Just Braindead"
27 to 62: Tumour "Another Head Taken"

c/o Bill Yurkiewicz
Post Office Box Thirteen,
Washington Boro, PENNSYLVANIA
17582 United States of America




FONDLECORPSE "From Beyond the Crypt" Cd


(Posercrusher Records)
Release date: 2005
Running time: 31:06

This cd is a collection of Fondlecorpse Ep's. Style is totally old school death metal with the helping of a drum machine, these songs remind me of bands like Sinister & Massacre ("From Beyond"), of course with a particular vibe of its own and the aggressivity level cranked way up. Awesome memorable riffage, twisted bass lines, assertive growling and roaring vocals, a few shredding guitar solo's and just all around ultra-catchy songs! Just quality song-writing and even a few moments of genius. A sensible use of horror movie samples add a great mood to the proceedings. Another great asset to this band is the cover artwork featuring some of "Tales From Uranus" Jake's best work... The designs from the 2 ep's have been reproduced here, personally I like to use the "Limbless" one as the front, heh, I just think this one's really hot for some reason! In conclusion, this cd is a really gorgeous package, packed with top notch death metal, stunning artwork, superb layout, complete lyric sheet, awesome photo collage, etc... Highly recommended!

Tracks: 1)Bits & Pieces 2)Formaldehyde Soaked Corpses 3)Kingdom of Rot 4)Into the Boglin Marshes 5)Forced Paradental Degeneration 6)Fucked Stabbed and Eaten 7)Impregnating the Comatose 8)Limbless 9)Dead thru Feedingtube 10)Razorback Attack + Rehearsal tracks

Website: www.fondlecorpse.nl/





(No Escape)
Release date:
Running time: 26:10

Fuck.. I'm Dead Review:
Fuck... I'm Dead are their usual selves on the split release, crushing, effective, concise, straightforward, direct and to the point. You've got everything from relentless drum machine blasts, tight and basic guitar riffs to vociferous screams & vicious growls. Their stuff is extremely effective, grippingly fast-paced, unpredictable, with constant twists and direction changes; it's both heavy and speed-crazed in a supersonic way. They seem to have gained a slightly more metal edge and tighter sound than before, but overall they're the same Fuck... I'm Dead they've always been... Fresh, intense and grinding.
Engorged Review: The Engorged side is composed of rare, old and ep material, some stuff you might have already heard. First is supposedly a cover of Goblin's "Contamination", I couldn't spot a lot of similarities to the Goblin's score but the track still works like a great, thrashing hommage to the gut-bursting Luigi Cozzi film (Make sure to catch the excellent "Contamination" dvd recently released by Blue Underground)! Next up are "Vomiting Butcher Redux" & "Death Metal 2000" which are different versions of early Engorged material. The last 2 tracks "The Final Giallo" (another great hommage to Dario Argento's "Tenebre") & "Surgery Drugs and Rock'n'Roll" (a track off the Split Ep w/ Impaled) are in the purest early Engorged style: raw, thrashing, blazing fast and with enraged vocals... Also, "Surgery..." happens to be the most Carcass-influenced Engorged song ever, with a delightful abuse of pitch-shifted vocals and some terrific grind riffs. Stuff here is a compilation of Engorged at their best. Essential stuff all around!

Fuck... I'm Dead Tracks: 1)Horrendous Bowel Evacuation 2)Anal Abbatoir 3)Enemosity 4)Ruthless Aggression 5)Flesh Feast 6)Gore Ridden 7)Coliteral Damage 8)Force Fed Brutality
Engorged Tracks: 9)Alien Contamination 10)Vomiting Butchers Redux 11)Death Metal Attack 2000 12)The Final Giallo 13)Surgery Drugs and Rock N Roll


E-mail - info@noescaperecords.com

No Escape Records
PO Box 2054
Lygon st Nth
Brunswick East 3057


FUCK... I'M DEAD "Bring on the Dead" Cd


(Razorback Records - RR08)
Release date: 2001

Review: Here it is. The new Razorback release in a while. I didn't expect it to be Fuck... I'm Dead since it's one of the latest bands Billy said they signed. So it comes as a bit of a surprise, good surprise. This album is just totally freaking awesome! Everybody could have guessed that their album would be great by just listening the stuff on the split w/ Sanity's Dawn (which is by the way included as bonus on this cd). First, well the sound is quite great and powerful, and each song is more relentless and intense than the other one. It's hyper blasting sonic grind with a very metal sound (Kinda like Drogheda only faster, also heard Billy compare them to Discordance Axis...), programmed drums used at their uttermost possibilities, blast , blast, metal parts or groovy breaks and more blast, alternated pissed off high-pitched screaming and deeper growls, some more blast, very skilful, fast diverse guitar riffs, extremely well-crafted song structures that just always leave you breathless begging for more. The two last tracks are live songs and it sounds like Fuck... I'm Dead is pretty damn tight on their live gigs too. I didn't notice a particular theme in the song titles, looks like the band is into a bit of humor, magnified bad taste and gratuitous violence. Can't go wrong with that. I'll just say, Razorback never disappoints, and Fuck... I'm Dead totally rules!

Tracks: 1)Twist of Death 2)A Fraction off Death 3)Army of Hermaphrodites 4)Burnt to an Absolute Crisp 5)My Feral Fucktoy 6)Colon Commando 7)Delicious Dolop 8)Fucking the ******* 9)Skull Fucked 10)Shopfront Whore 11)Jeffrey Dahmer's Cookbook 12)Pickled Member 13)Shotgun Facelift 14)Barefoot and Shit Faced 15)Violet 16)Inject Me with AIDS 17)Slowly Raped with a Chainsaw 18)Toilet Tantalizers 19)Spray Me with Fecal Matter 20)Licky Webster 21)Fuck... I'm Dead 22)A Fraction off Death (live) 23)Licky Webster (live)



FUCK THE FACTS "Discoing the Dead" Cd


(Black Hole - BHP 008)
Release date:
Running time: 30:19

This is a new re-released version of "Discoing the Dead" by canadian band Fuck the Facts. This is catchy and vivid grind, with grinding, ultra-fast drum-machine beats, blazing guitars, a mix of hysterical screaming, roaring and out of whack, shrieking vocals... This is some very original, non-conventional grind we've got here, there are also a lot of groovy and fun parts including some clear guitar parts, some noise experiments, tons of movie samples mixed inside the songs and even some disco music bits for some reason... Very interesting band really, devastating grind with a bizarre sense of humour. A fitting comparison would probably be something like Agoraphobic Nosebleed meets Exit 13... The sound production is slightly raw but clear and effective... Very nice cover artwork and layout too.

Tracks: 1)Ninja sweater 2)Proud to be a canadian 3)Disco rage 4)Wake up call 5)Whisper dependancy 6)Rattlesnake 7)The burning side 8)123-223 9)Appliance jam session 10)Perpetrator 11)Ninja sweater

Band Contact : FUCK THE FACTS
c/o Topon Das
23 Tower Rd.
Nepean, Ont.
K2G 2E4

E-mail: discocore@yahoo.com
Website: www.fuckthefacts.com

c/o Fernando Camacho
Caixa Postal 1181
Curitiba - PR
CEP 80011-970

E-mail: mail@blackholemag.com
Website: http://www.blackholemag.com/bhp/



FUNEBRARUM "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods" Cd


(Necroharmonic Productions - Sleazy 003)
Release date:
Runng time: 30:58

Funebrarum is an excellent throwback at early 90's death metal. With really downtuned and heavy riffs like early Grave, strictly guttural, roaring growls which made me think of early Sinister (mixed with Grave). The band has some great song writing talents, and the material is actually quite diversified. It starts with a slow, doomy opening, but it occasionally gets faster on a number of other songs... Still, most of the stuff is heavy and obscure with sometimes some striking, thrashing guitar riffs or surprising rythms sticking out... Musicianship is solid, songs are tightly composed, sound is great, slightly dark the way death metal should sound! This stuff is just great. Another influence must be a band like Demigod (Finland), musically but also lyrically and for the artwork... Lyrics are very dark and with a welcome touch of putrid gore as well. Bonus points for using the Nightmare City poster for the inlay (the screaming zombie girl with a part of her jaw torn to shreds), I love this poster! I got the wrong impression from the band name, I thought Funebrarum sounded more like a black metal name, but the music is really old school death metal, definitely not modern type brutal death metal... So, well, yeah, great stuff here! It made me want to crank up some good old death metal cd's too! This material is actually the band's second demo remixed, remastered, retitled and released on cd... Hope we'll get to hear more from this cool band in the future. Definitely recommended to all the amateurs of fine old style death metal out there!

Tracks: 1)Tombs of Sleeping Darkness 2)Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers 3)Miasma of Pestilence 4)Dormant Hallucination 5)Depths of Misery

Necroharmonic Productions Website: http://necroharmonic.com



FUNEROT "Invasion from the Death Dimension " Cd


(Razorback Records)
Release date: 2006
Running time: 26:50

If Engorged, Ghoul & Frightmare showed signs of thrash metal influences well this is actually the most full-on thrash thing Razorback ever put out! I'll just say staright away I feel this is definitely gonna rank among my very fave Razorback releases for a while. This is the ultimate throw-back at 80's thrash metal S.O.D./Anthrax & Metallica "Kill 'Em All" era style! Musicianship & song-writing are pretty mindblowing here with virtuoso blazing fast guitar shredding, honestly my fingers hurt and cramp just listening to this stuff! Song after song Funerot keeps piling up terrific and memorable riffs, always keeping an exciting and fun spirit but always with a definite focus on speed and aggression, "Reign in Blood" way! Vocals also take an unambiguous 80's thrash slant with a clear, semi-spoken or shouted, S.O.D./Slayer/Repulsion-type bad-ass delivery! Straying away from typical death metal growls and totally getting back to thrash roots, though avoiding screeching high-pitched squeaks (thankfully?!) you often hear on some of these 80's thrash metal records, ha! Sound production is really awesome; great, natural, beautifully rendered guitar sound, twisted basslines, killer distortion, kick-ass drumming, all skilfully mixed and with all the riffs coming out perfectly clear... Everything here has a fresh, raw edge with vivid, in-your-face rehearsal type energy! Damn, I wish more albums would sound like this! The band also writes some nifty horror lyrics with a crazy sci-fi bent and some brilliant humor: killer robots, death by drano, that type of stuff; cool-as-hell layout adorned with really neat hand-drawn art too, I love this stuff! So yeah, this cd is simply superb, clearly a passionate effort, short but intense... Just a breeze of fresh air really and successful in every possible way in my opinion... Definitely don't pass up on this!

Tracks: 1)The Interceptor (3:28) 2)Mandroid (2:01) 3)The Man With The Megaton Mind (2:45) 4)Death Or Die (1:04) 5)Death By Draino (2:59) 6)Radioactivation (1:30) 7)Invasion From The Death Dimension (2:32) 8)Phase Zero Morbidvision (3:02) 9)Exterminate The Macrohumaniod (2:16) 10)1-900-DTH-LINE (1:13) 11)Tyrranosaur (2:53) 12)Aftermath (1:07)



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