ENGORGED "Where Monsters Dwell" Cd


(Razorback Records - RR29)
Release date:
Running time: 42:21

Review: Engorged comes back with a vengeance and also a third album to die for! Blasting off their most thrash/death metal-oriented missile yet, with all songs but one well over 4 or even 5 minutes... Implacable riffage, screeching solo's, blistering speed, scathing vocals, gore-encrusted sound, it's all here! Song-writing perhaps feels slightly more cohesive than usual, sometimes almost in a early Bolt Thrower way, but the band more than anything else remains true to their early style, which is a giant crossover of influences, encompassing S.O.D. type thrashing hardcore, the menacing guitar riffing style of Carcass, the intense, in-your-face aggressivity of Extreme Noise Terror, a slight Impetigo-esque edge and most of all, 80's thrash metal! In fact, it's almost like the band constantly brings something new to each of their songs, each time a different baggage from their unhealthy underground metal subculture... "Werewolf Militia" nearly sounds like a Blood Duster song for example, just something in a nasty grinding rock vein... The band's versatile song-writing definitely allows the album to remain fresh and gripping until the end, going in almost every direction possible in the fields of thrashing insanity... Sound prodution is without a doubt their best yet, Engorged never sounded so fucking awesome, everything's perfectly in place, nice and thick, well-balanced but still retaining some of their defining thrashing crunchy rawness. Once again the band also manages to churn out really captivating lyrics about crazy shit like giant squids, aliens, zombies, pirates, werewolves... with inspiration drawn from horror flicks like The Thing, Return of the Living Dead, but also Transformers/GI Joe cartoons and various other obscure stuff I wasn't able to pick up on... Regarding the art, front cover is pretty fun but you really have to see the superb fold-out poster inside... Just unbelievable! A true masterpiece by Dennis Dread! Engorged keeps raising the bar, this is some of their best work, although I'm still keeping their debut cd close to the heart for some reason, but it might be that I'm just weird... I'm giving this one near full marks, that's quite honestly my level of enjoyment... Simply essential.

Tracks: 1) D'compose 2)Stinger 3)Architeuthis 4)The Thing 5)Chaingang 6)Abominus 7)Skull And Crossbones 8)Werewolf Militia 9)ROTLD

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(Last House on the Right Records - HAUS004)
Release date: 2004

A match made in hell! Both bands made up of maniacs bred with horror movies, thrashing and grinding their way through this piece of vinyl! The Lp kicks off with 5 Engorged tracks, first is a short and fast grinder of a song, kind of an opener to the rest of this side which then turns into heavier, thrashing goodness, material simply in continuity to Engorged latest cd... Growling and shrieking vocals (and a levelheaded use of piquant pitch-shifted effects), incisive guitars, some blunt drumming... The band doesn't fail to deliver their usual cinephilic touch with each song dealing with a different segment from George Romero's classic anthology horror flick "Creepshow". Anyways, I'd say this is a really nice appetizer for their upcoming cd! Just bring it on!
Spanish goregrind attack on side B! 2 original tracks and a Dead Infection cover ("After Accident" my favorite track off "Surgical Disembowelment"). What can I say? Gruesome Stuff Relish yet again delivers some really solid and delightfully heavy material... Beautiful grinding simplicity, crushing midtempos, sneering shrieks, gurgling pitch-shifted growls and downtuned, raw guitar riffs that make me feel all warm inside... Always a pleasure to listen to. Ok, this split's also been released on cd, but the Lp has the awesome giant sized Dennis Dread art going for it, you can't beat that...

Tracks: Engorged: 1)Father's Day 2)The Lonesome death of Jordy Verrill 3)Something to Tide You Over 4)The Crate 5)They're Creeping Up on You
Gruesome Stuff Relish: 1)The Plague 2)Gomia 3)After Accident (Dead Infection)





(No Escape)
Release date:
Running time: 26:10

Fuck.. I'm Dead Review:
Fuck... I'm Dead are their usual selves on the split release, crushing, effective, concise, straightforward, direct and to the point. You've got everything from relentless drum machine blasts, tight and basic guitar riffs to vociferous screams & vicious growls. Their stuff is extremely effective, grippingly fast-paced, unpredictable, with constant twists and direction changes; it's both heavy and speed-crazed in a supersonic way. They seem to have gained a slightly more metal edge and tighter sound than before, but overall they're the same Fuck... I'm Dead they've always been... Fresh, intense and grinding.
Engorged Review: The Engorged side is composed of rare, old and ep material, some stuff you might have already heard. First is supposedly a cover of Goblin's "Contamination", I couldn't spot a lot of similarities to the Goblin's score but the track still works like a great, thrashing hommage to the gut-bursting Luigi Cozzi film (Make sure to catch the excellent "Contamination" dvd recently released by Blue Underground)! Next up are "Vomiting Butcher Redux" & "Death Metal 2000" which are different versions of early Engorged material. The last 2 tracks "The Final Giallo" (another great hommage to Dario Argento's "Tenebre") & "Surgery Drugs and Rock'n'Roll" (a track off the Split Ep w/ Impaled) are in the purest early Engorged style: raw, thrashing, blazing fast and with enraged vocals... Also, "Surgery..." happens to be the most Carcass-influenced Engorged song ever, with a delightful abuse of pitch-shifted vocals and some terrific grind riffs. Stuff here is a compilation of Engorged at their best. Essential stuff all around!

Fuck... I'm Dead Tracks: 1)Horrendous Bowel Evacuation 2)Anal Abbatoir 3)Enemosity 4)Ruthless Aggression 5)Flesh Feast 6)Gore Ridden 7)Coliteral Damage 8)Force Fed Brutality
Engorged Tracks: 9)Alien Contamination 10)Vomiting Butchers Redux 11)Death Metal Attack 2000 12)The Final Giallo 13)Surgery Drugs and Rock N Roll


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Release date:

New Engorged album! Now this is a really kick-ass new album. "Death Metal Attack II" is one of the discs I played the most in recent years... This new album doesn't disappoint, it's quite an amazing follow-up to their smashing debut album. The band is faithful to their style; fast-paced, thrashing in every direction, turbulent, grinding death metal... The main differences are first, a better, definitely heavier sound production which is a great thing (although I really really loved the raw as hell vibe of "DMA 2") and vocals that feel pretty different overall (the vocalist from the first album isn't in the band anymore). So, the new songs are still truly well-rounded, more death metal-sounding than ever, drumming is tight and guitar riffs and blazing, fast and mercilessly thrashing. You've got guttural roars, vicious shrieks and often a barrage of mosh/hardcore vocals. Engorged still comes with a really wide range of influences from mid-80's thrash metal (Anthrax, Kreator), hardcore (S.O.D.) to late 80's grindcore (Carcass/Napalm Death) & early 90's death metal (Autopsy, Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Grave...) - That's a lot of references, but I really believe you can find elements from all these bands listening to this album. The references don't stop at metal, most of the lyrics are about cult flicks, often with the intro samples coming along, including: Stuart Gordon "From Beyond", Tobe Hooper's "Eaten Alive", "Road Warrior", "Shockwaves", Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste" (song: "Beer Guts")... Best of all are the last 4 songs dedicated to Romero & Fulci zombie flicks with song titles like "Night of the Living Dead", "Dawn of the Dead", "Zombie" & "Day of the Dead"! Most of the lyrics are detailed tributes to these movies... Really excellent, especially you're a fan of these flicks, I know I am. (The opening "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum." is from one of my fave Carpenter flick "They Live", hysterical way to start off the album!)
So well, here's a fantastic second offering by Engorged, juicy and overflowing with demented compositions of raging death metal & outrageous grind. Definitely one of this year's major releases.

Tracks: 1)March of the Engorged 2)The Dreadnaught 3)It Came From Beyond 4)Cobra Rage 5)Eaten Alive! 6)Death Metal Attack 3 7)White Line Nightmare 8)Slithis 9)Shockwaves 10)Beer Guts 11)N.O.T.L.D. 12)Dawn of the Dead 13)Zombie 14)Day of the Dead



ENGORGED "Death Metal Attack 2"  


(Razorback Records)
Release date: 1999
Total running time: 43:34

Review: Here is Engorged debut full length album! and I personally was eagerly waiting to see it released for real! You may have already read the reviews I did for the pre-release tape, and their debut demo... You know what I think about Engorged... This is so far the most brilliant band and album of this year 1999! -so far- They have their very own personality, and they come up with something you can't really describe... They do not fit really to a pre-defined musical genre, though they won't sound weird to your ears if you're a extreme underground listener... They compose exciting tunes, using various elements, borrowed to styles from death metal, grindcore to moshing hardcore... All their influences are though put together to create something coherent and fucking catchy! It always tends to be ultraviolent, fast, and harsh! Intersected by slower groovy riffs and thrashy breaks, which are although really intense too! Vocals are also extreme as fuck... Ranging from hatred-filled highpitched screams, to brute low growls, hardcore shoutings and moshing hardcore group barkings... Many arrangements with effective lowpitched vocal effects are also included... You guess it sounds fucking aggressive! Songs are very different from each other, you won't hear the exact same shit through the entire record! The sound production is fucking powerful, though it keeps a fucking raw vibe! Just the perfect mix between rawness and heaviness, according to me! The new stuff in fact consists in 11 tracks, and 10 bonus tracks are also included, taken their first demo tape, the sound is rawer, but it's still more than enjoyable grindy metal! The last bonus track is an interesting noisy live track too... There's also a great work done with the intros between the tracks, perfectly fitting! And a great original cover artwork performance, they use a Dario Argento's movie poster, some cobras drawings, and a wonderful inside background artwork (with Texas Chainsaw Leatherface, the Iron Maiden monster, some soldiers from Star Wars all together assisting to an ultraviolent Engorged live gig...). The lyrics are also fucking provocative, not for P.C.s...... This album is more than recommended by The Goregrind and Grindcore Webzine! I may sound far too fucking enthusiast about Engorged, but I really can't help it sorry! Get it from Razorback Records you bastards!!!

Tracks: 1)Engorged 2)House of the dead 3)In support of multi national corp. 4)F.AN.G.s 5)Cobra H.I.S.S. 6)XVY Triad 7)Genital finder 8)Chemically Castrated 9)Carpet sharkin' 10)Sealed with a klip (Kipland P.Kinkle) 11)Death metal attack II 12)Engorged 13)Huge gaping hole 14)XVY Triad 15)Death metal attack 16)Kings of beer 17)Legalize child porn 18)Raping the full house twins 19)Vomiting butchers 20)Fangs 21)Encore


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