EMBALMER "There was Blood Everywhere"  


(Relapse Records)
Release date: 1997

A fucking brutal release by Ohio's butchers of musical carnage!!! Some of the most insane vocals I've heard, brutal beyond belief blast beats, killer bass quakes and fast, brutal guitarwork. This contain's their 7" "There was blood everywhere"(Relapse) and their out-of-print demo "Rotting remains" as bonus. Killer, sick fucking death/grind!!

Tracks: 1)There was blood everywhere 2)The necro-filing cabinet 3)Blood-sucking freaks 4)May the wounds bleed forever 5)Rotten body fluids 6)Morbid confessions 7)Bonebox 8)The cellar   



ENEMY SOIL "Smashes to the State"


(Bones Brigade)
Release date: 2001
Running time: Cd 1: 38:00 - Cd 2: 72:26

Damn, this fucking hurts! Speed-crazed and raw grind to the bone. I only got ahold of the split 7" with Wadge (which is a rare one) and the "Casualties of progress" Relapse ep way back, and strangely those two were their best efforts in my mind, blazing fast, with pissed off hardcory vocals... that always gets me. This double cd contains about everything the band put out during its life time. Anyway, you get the almost complete Enemy Soil discography on a double cd, from the early demo which sounded more goregrind than grind/hardcore, to the "Ruins of Eden" 10" and the split 7" with Agoraphobic Nosebleed etc... I think "Casualties of progress" is missing, but all the songs from this Ep are presented in different unreleased versions, so it doesn't matter. There are a few previously unreleased tracks including Extreme Noise Terror "Murder" and Cro-Mags "Don't tread on me" cover versions. The first cd is the shortest one and my favourite of the two, it has all the most kick ass material, and I think I prefer it because of the drum-machine, the second cd has more of the real drum material and some of the songs are a little more constructed, it is definitely awesome and ultra fast too, but not always as intense I guess. So, to describe them, Enemy Soil is known for its uncompromised musical violence, its flesh-tearing grindcore guitar riffing, its drum(-machine) on acid, its ecstatic speed craze as well as its absolutely furious vocals and revolted lyrics. Although lyrics were unfortunately not included in the booklet, you get a great biography written by band member Richard Johnson. You learn that he was the frontman in the band, and that the line-up was permanently changing around him. It's extremely fun to read, with live gigs anecdotes, strange recording conditions, and tons of other noteworthy fun details and main points in Enemy Soil lifetime, everything you need to know... Plus, 72 tracks, one hour and forty minutes of extreme violence... It's huge, don't miss it.

Tracks: CD1: 1)Sanctioned homicide 2)The weathermen/Enemy soil 3)Content in slavery 4)Solemn witness 5)Resistance 6)Hypocrisy 7)The weathermen 8)Expendable 9)Ignorance manifest 10)Solemn witness 11)Conditioned 12)Obey 13)Group think 14)Sentencing 15)Common ground 16)Expendable 17)Abort the soul 18)p.i.b. 19)Sickness pt.1 20)Sickness pt.2 21)Ageism 22)Partisan loyalty 23)Nothing answers 24)Pass the blame (Wadge) 25)Burden of a vacant cross 26)Conditioned
CD2: 1)Murder (ENT) 2)Introduction 3)Lost 4)Hypocrisy 5)Facade 6)Enough 7)Evolution 8)Sentencing 9)Clone 10)Combustion 11)Obey 12)Common ground 13)Direct action? 14)Drugged conscience 15)Group think 16)After the fact 17)Waiting list 18)The body politic 19)The weathermen 20)Introduction/Hypocrisy 21)Partisan loyalty 22)Drugged conscience 23)Direct action? 24)Corporation pull-in (Terrorizer) 25)Recombustion 26)The body politic 27)Death sentence 28)Elitist disciples 29)Ministry of deception 30)The crusade 31)Charade 32)A moment of clarity 33)Incapacitated 34)My religion 35)Nothing answers pt.2 36)Scapegoat 37)On display 38)Machinery 39)Self gratification 40)Ageism 41)Sanctioned homicide 42)Fall of empire 43)Partisan loyalty 44)Don't tread on me 45)Obsequious 46)Fashionable activism






(Pessimiser Records)

I never covered this band before so here we go for a quick review... This is really amazing grindcore with quite a significant touch of crust. The album is a genuine tour-de-force with urgent and dread-inducing guitar riffs in the grand tradition of old Extreme Noise Terror, relentless deep guttural roars/higher pitched shrieks dual vocal assaults, and tight, fast, pounding drumming... This stuff is very intense, violent, with the perfect grinding edge, tightly and brilliantly handled musically... There's not an overwhelming sense of speed but something more crust-like, in the lines of E.N.T. again, Disrupt and early Napalm Death. This is kick-ass, crushing, uncompromising grind and it's a long length album full of it... Highly recommended.

Tracks: 1)Disease 2)Respect 3)In cold blood 4)Don't care who you are 5)Por que no conosco el miedo 6)Ignorance is bliss 7)Bomb has fallen 8)Without mercy 9)Turbulence 10)E.T. 11)Give up 12)With me 13)Divided we fall 14)Human error 15)Addiction 16)Another rejection 17)You reap what you saw 18)Careless attitude 19)Suicide 20)Just another victim 21)Thoughtless

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