DEATHTOPIA “Caesarian Section” CD
(Splatter Zombie Records, 2015)
Release date: 2015

Review: As advertised this album, which is DEATHTOPIA’s second full length is 666% Gore Metal, nothing more, nothing less... Total mid-period Carcass, Exhumed & Impaled worship. Extremely melodic and technically proficient... Lots of epic melodic yet brutal riffage with shredding solos... It’s all damn catchy, and super tight, with machine gun blastbeats and super duper heavy production. The higher raspy vocals kind of remind me of S.O.B. from their thrash metal era material (“What’s the Truth?”, “Gate of Doom”...) perhaps due to the Japanese accents of the singer, this gives a special hook to the band for me. But actually the line-up seems to be part Japanese and part from the US. Anyway, the bloody icing on the cake are the totally splatttery ptich-shifted vocal effects which are present rhough out the album which makes me giddy with gory joy. Anyway it’s nice to see a band so technically proficient but who doesn’t skimp on splattery content!
The whole layout and artwork is obviously a throwback to Reek of Putrefaction & Symphonies of Sickness but the bloody collage foetuses kind of remind me of GORE BEYOND NECROPSY “Noise a Go-Go” as well.... This album is actually the opposite of noisecore. Sound production is hugely powerful and this is pure metal mixed with gore. It lacks the raw edge of Reek of Putrefaction so I won’t call this goregrind, it’s nothing original but I can’t think of many bands playing this type of Exhumed style gore metal nowadays who are as entertaining as DEATHTOPIA is. I definitely had a lot of fun listening to this album, and fans of the genre shouldn’t be disappointed.


Tracks: 1)Necromassacre 2)My Dear Donor 3)Back to the Torture 4)Dead Smoke 5)Murderbation 6)Deformity’s Fate 7)Under the Saw 8)War Olympics 9)Reign from the Womb 10)Caesarean Section 11)The Last Bleeding