COUPLE SKATE "Tales from the Corpse" 7" EP
(Opaqus Records/Splattergod Records/Grindfather Productions/etc...)
Release date: 2015

Review: Been meaning to review something from Couple Skate for a long time... Finally I'm bringing myself to do it upon the release of their first full length 7" Ep. They're an american goregrind band, from Lima, OH. They've had a few demo recordings and tapes out, getting a vinyl release from this band definitely is an awesome treat. Well-written tunes and a good recording worthy of the vinyl treatment. Downtuned guitar sound, grindy riffs, rummaging pitch-shifted growls, plenty of mince beats mixed in and a satisfactory amount of blastbeats as well as d-beats... Just lovable, crude old school goregrind, done 90's style, in the spirit of stuff like Last Days of Humanity (in the vocal department especially), Maggut (for the simple but catchy riffs), early Regurgitate (not quite as dbeat-errific but mandatory reference), Bile (for the midtempo groove) all come to mind. Goregrind seems to be a dying art these days, less and less bands putting any effort in the genre, so it's great to have a band like Couple Skate proving it can still be achieved! The cover artwork is unmistakably the work of Nev (Gruesome Graphix), the whole layout and packaging is very cool-looking, so this one obviously comes highly recommended!

Track list: Side A: 1)Hydrogen Peroxide Colonoscopy 2)Blowing Your Nose With Hemorrhoidal Tissue 3)Excision Of Mandatory Organs 4)My Soccer Leg!!! 5)Hack, Slash, Repeat 6)Elephantitis Of The Ego
Side B: 7)Abra Cadaver 8)Agonizing Eruption Of All Orifices 9)Blood Transfusion Confusion 10)A Corpse Is A Corpse, Of Course Of Course 11)Tape Worm Terror






Release date: 2015

Review: This one came out earlier this year. I've reviewed stuff by G.O.D. to death in the past so I'm kind of burned out on talking about this band, I personally slaved over the cover art too, so I might be biased on that aspect of the release. Anyhow I'll give this review a shot... This is simply an exemplary grindcore album!! The band went all out and hit all the right notes for me. Like all their previous effort, the style is invariably still very much goregrind in style yet politically charged, very opiniated, (Lyrics against vivisection, animal cruelty, discrimination, etc...) blending those two things is tricky, it's something which was a bit subliminal in early Carcass release but very much in your face here. Like a hybrid between Regurgitate and Dropdead. It's sure to divide audiences, braindead goregrind listeners might be turned off by the political content and the more serious political type might ignore the band for the gory imagery. Predominantly pitch shifted grunts but mixed in with a lot more lower growls than in the past, also shrieking and neanderthal shouts to keep things nice and varied... Fierce riffing and a very raw guitar sound that'll grind you down. Drum-wise, Leezus went a bit extreme with the tightness of the snare's skin, it's ultra pingy and may be an acquired taste. Personally I must admit I kind of prefer the more percussive snare sound on early recordings like the Neurofibromatosis demo. Still a splendid full length through and through. Excellent selection of cover versions (Carnage, Repulsion & Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ) peppering the album through out too. Definite high point for this year.

Track list: 1)Maximum Tolerated Dose 2)Anthropocentric Malarkey 3)Thrush 4)Dermatillomania 5)The Antibro 6)Aftermath (Carnage) 7)L-Cysteine Chapel 8)Am I Fun Yet! 9)Spider-Goat 10)Dethroned Mayoror (FATO) 11)Enough To Share 12)Genderized 13)Shitlisted 14)Pestilent Decay (Repulsion) 15)Cesspool Mentality 16)M.R.A. (Massive Repressive Asshole) 17)Self Medicated 18)Prelude To A Serial Murder 19)House Of Clocks 20)Modification Of The Human Germline 21)Unearthing Pathogens 22)Perversion / Alkanoid / Penisnatcher (CSSO) 23)Night Of Terror





THE KILL "Kill Them... All" CD
Release date: 2015

Review: Another release for which I've drawn the cover art, so you might to take my opinion/praise with a grain of salt (Draw the cover art, write the reviews, do I have to do everything? maybe Roby will ask me to do his riffage for him next time?) Anyway, if you chose to believe me, I'll tell you this is clearly one of the strongest grind releases this year and one of The Kill's best written material yet! Sound production (by that Blood Duster dude) is totally impeccable and the songs are fuckin' mean! Music-wise this straightforward, brutal grindcore in the Discordance Axis style mixed with Regurgitate (they do a cover version of the latter here too), full speed, thrashing riffs and blastbeats-a-go-go... Album starts with a kick in the nuts with the beautifully arranged "Insults" (catchy lyrics and brilliant solo), follows up with glass-shattering headbutt on the next song "Instant Fighter", so on and so on... Doesn't stop until you're fucking dead, totally slashed to bits. You get the picture! Nik's vocals are a real departure from his usual style, straying away from the Kill's trademark high pitched screaming and keeping it at a midrange shouting level. It takes some getting used to but after several listens in the end I think it works mighty fine. I really loved the material on the three way split (with Noisear & Antigama, which was also re-released as "Speed Freak Killer" single CD this year) and Roby is still on fire on this release too, simply at the top of his game... Grindthrash virtuoso assassin right there! Extremely impressive riffs, well-rounded methodic composition, and of course the rousing one-foot blast drumming by Jay! I'm under the impression the album was recorded in a hurry to be ready for their european tour (which didn't happen anyway) but maybe it adds the expediency and drive of the album? Can't think of many grindcore full lengths as strong as this one coming out this year!

Track list: 1)Insults 2)Instant Fighter 3)Heavy Metal Professional 4)Lunch In QLD 5)Holiday's Over 6)Let's Get Mad 7)Into The Drink 8)The Divine Word 9)Public Execution 10)Not The Voice 11)Evil Dead 12)Spittin' Chips 13)The Pulsating Feast...(RGTE) 14)Full Body Bang 15)Metal Thrashing Mad 16)Burn Craigieburn)Burn 17)Smooth And Shiny 18)Pit Victim 19)All Dead By Sunset





Release date: 2015

Review: Reeking Cross was a very good surprise for me this year, it's appeared out of the blue and kind of blew my mind! It's a collaboration between Mason (from Enemy Soil/Blower/Shit on command...) on bass, Jake from Triac on drums and Paul (Wadge). The drumming is a real grindcore whirlwind, in total early Napalm Death/Mick Harris fashion and an especially great natural sound (reminded me of the drumming in Hatred Surge a bit), the bass-only approach gives an overall noisier feel, more like a blur of distorted noise than anything else, without too much definition on the riffs but still palatable with the drumming keeping things focused. Paul's vocals are as imposing as ever, very much in the absurd cranky bear hardcore style of Infest/Lack of interest; it's especially enjoyable finally hearing his vocals compliment a backdrop of real drumming after years of drum machine extravaganza with Wadge.... Overall, I'm enjoying the hell of this Reeking Cross, you should try it too! It's well worth checking out...

Track list: 1)MUTE (0:22) 2)BLOOD OF MONGREL (0:26) 3)HUSKS (0:27) 4)MISSIONARY (0:21) 5)SINKHOLE (0:22) 6)PAINTED SKULLS (0:42) 7)MAKER (0:12) 8)FLAGELLANT (0:22) 9)DIRTLICKER (0:18) 10)SOURBLOOD (0:30) 11)STENCH OF APOSTLE (0:13) 12)CLOAKED IN VERMIN/BLOODLESS (0:35) 13)BLESSING/MOSS (0:35) 14)SMITE (0:21) 15)SHROUD (0:30) 16)WORMGOD (0:16) 17)UNCLEAN (0:20) 18)BINARY (0:21) 19)EXALT (0:42) 20)LEECH (0:10) 21)COFFIN EATER (0:12) 22)SINKING BODY (0:17) 23)WET HANDS (0:10) 24)ACOLYTE/LICKING SORES (0:28) 25)SOFT MEAT (0:11)





ACTIVE STENOSIS "Succumbed to Infection"
(Eyes of the Dead Productions)
Release date: 2015

Review: This year didn't entirely suck for goregrind as the titan of drum machine goregrind Active Stenosis from Thessaloniki, Greece  gave us this absolute gem! The man behind this project has a background in gorenoise (with stuff like Menometrorrhagia) so keep that in mind, but Active Stenosis is a more riff-based project, exactly what I like a lot about it, much more catchy and memorable. His sound productions are always super powerful, thick guitar sound and stunning drum programming too. Here Ioannis gifted us with an excruciatingly awesome full length album that will leave any goregrind aficionado's jaw dropping to the floor. A cornucopia of crushing riffs, relentless speed, perfectly programmed drums. The knowledge and love for the genre is evident, allying early Retaliation/Regurgitate's d-beat catchiness to Last Days of Humanity devastating and stomach-churning grotesque vocal "florishes"... A superior understanding of what makes the best goregrind click for me! Unfortunately this doesn't sound seem to be popular brand of goregrind, as the masses seem to prefer oompa loopa polka-porn-grind but this is how goregrind should be done to me! True Grind/Gore connaiseurs take note...

Track list: 1)Juxtarenal Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (Hostile Neck Anatomy) 2)Progressive Systemic Sclerosis (Fiberblast Activation Through Cytokine Release) 3)H.A.D (H.I.V – Associated Dementia) 4)Nodular Vasculitis (Scrotal Ulcers With Nodular Lesions) 5)Proliferation (Dilated Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum) 6)Hyperreactive Malarial Splenomegaly (Production Of Abnormal Haemoglobin) 7)VRAM (Vertical Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous Flap) 8)Pneumococcal Meningitis (Dexamethasone-Eluting Intracochlear Electrode Array) 9)Vascular Leakage (Pulmonary Damages Of Oxygen Toxicity) 10)Autophagy (Damaged Organelle Degradation) 11)Bilharzia (Parasitic Schistosoma Trematode Worms) 12)Cholangiocarcinoma (Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis) 13)Plasma Volume Loss (Hypertonic Saline Resuscitation) 14)Perinatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (Morbidity In Infants) 15)Symptomatic Intraneural Haemorrhage (Anatomic Innervation Pattern Of The Involved Nerve) 16)Succumbed To Infection (Generalized Leukopenia) 17)Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome (Autosomal Dominant Disorder) 18)Large Portal Vein To Inferior Vena Cava Shunt (Patent Ductus Venosus) 19)Hydrocarbon Inhalation (Fatal Malignant Arrhythmia) 20)Bacterial Sepsis (Development Of Sequential Organ Dysfunction) 21)Liquefaction Necrosis (Rare Form Of Peri-Annular Calcification) 22)TRAIL (Tumor Necrosis Factor-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand) 23)Tueurs En Series (Dahmer Cover) 24)Endotoxemia (Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury) 25)Hyperuricemia (Inhibited Nitric Oxide System)