(Bringer Of Gore ‎– BOG081)
Release date: 2015

Review, Deboned side: Aaaah Deboned. Deboned serves us here an excellent EP, really marking the progress in their sound, in their technique, and in their identity. The singing sounds more accurate and sharp, sometimes reminding me the fastest Doom songs, as I’m really liking how Alex spreads hatred with his voice… It felt so good listening to it, I’m almost embarassed to use comparisons. Deboned has had a long tail of « Repulsion worship », or « Impetigo inspired band », but now it’s cut loose, and for good. Like all the bands I enjoy listening to, I’ve been through it like « How’s the new Deboned sounding », not « What band can I namedrop that sounds like that ». The X’s vicious drumming as well as PA and Etienne’s guitars all sound more badass, even though more bass on the final mix would have made my day. A few effects here and there, (e.g. :voice fading) helps distillate the horror atmosphere along the tracks, sometimes wish there were more of those, but I’m a sucker for this kind of things… Overall, the feeling here is urgency (the police intro on « Put wings on pigs », really neat), despair and bitterness. Really really eager to listen to their upcoming split with Striver ! And hope for the Jonquiere (Junkyard ?) people they catch that foul enema bandit….

Mesrine side: I am not that familiar with Mesrine, so I spun their side and waited for the legend to happen. And holy fuck this is brutal ! Insane drums, really catchy riffs bringing more and more speed to the composition. The wretched voice of Steve is something I liked, even though it’s not my favorite style.  But overall, the 16 years of the band under this name is paying. All the songs are well structured, and know how to alternate the blastbeats with pure grindcore moments, like letting you take a breath, to better keep on strangling you later.
The word of the end, well I did really appreciate the coherence, sound speaking, between the two bands. You go from one to the other feeling that Quebec breeds anger too ! Esti d’colisse d’marde !

Review by El Racal (fb / mail)

Track list: SIDE Mesrine "Cerebral Breach": 1)Colosse Is Back 2/Last And Least 3)Cerebral Breach 4)Bath Salts 5)Modus Operandi
SIDE DEBONED: 1)Ol' Johnny Had An Inbred Child 2)Put Wings On Pigs 3)Humungus