LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER "Kraken" 12" Maxisingle EP (45rpm)
(Living Dead Society / Trabuc Records)
Release date: 2014

Review: Spanish heavy weight grindcore champs Looking for an Answer returns with "Kraken" here. If you really don't know the band stylistically, they're playing stern, tough and supremely heavy grindcore with a touch of death metal, akin to Machetazo, "Mentally Murdered" era Napalm Death... This is first LFAA recording featuring Santi (now ex-Nashgul) on vocals... Replacing the legendary Inaki(Denak) isn't exactly a small feat. but the switch of vocalist sounds pretty seamless, the change isn't hugely obvious. If you know him from Nashgul, Santi's vocals sound just as roaring and low in an abrasive kind of way. He's been touring with the band for a few years already so his vocals fit right in and are perfect for the band obviously.
This release is a rather short and sweet one, side A offers two original tunes, the first one being "Martir Matarife" (seemingly about the horror of animal slaughter) which right away assaults your ears with bursts of blastbeats and crushingly heavy downtuned riffs then re-offends with spurts of brutal thrashing mosh parts! Next, the title song "Kraken" cools down the engine just for a while with a big heavy riff and some grinding double bass drumming but it picks back a bit of pace before too long, charging towards you with some ferocious blasts and pure grindcore energy. Lyrically it seems to be mostly about pain and misery for a change! Some good lyrics written in spanish as usual but with english translations as well which come in handy for people like me who never paid attention in spanish class, being far too busy eyeballing the bustiest class-mates!
Side B is reserved for two cover songs, starting with "Seeing Red", originally from Minor Threat... a classic hardcore band which I must admit I never really been into but it's an interesting choice, just an effective and angry d-beat tune. Following up, even more interestingly and on a more metal note is a cover of Slayer's "Postmortem" which improves on the original by adding a few blastbeats during the song's finish line in a similar way that The Kill did with their cover of "Necrophobic". Overall, a neat little Mini-LP, some good grindcore and a very posh artwork and layout! Well worth checking out.
Also why don't you check out my interview with Santi for more insight on the band!

Track list: SIDE A: 1)Mártir Matarife 2)Kraken
SIDE B: 3)Seeing Red (Minor Threat) 4)Postmortem (Slayer)